Di May: "Incinerators? Vintage Things". Student lockout


"I think at the end of the day, the whole range of government points of view is overcome." When we see each other and put ourselves at the table in the end, we always continue, but today, talking about incinerators is like talking in a telephone booth with a public telephone. still fascinated by vintage remains, but always vintage. " Vice-Premier said that Luigi Di Maio – on the controversy over waste in Campania – in Pomigliano d'Arco (Naples) for the signing of a memorandum of understanding for the alternation between school and work.

"I believe," Di Maio added, responding to reporters about persuading Salvini about the impropriety of doing incinerators – which we have long persuaded, because we made a government contract six months ago about it. " Di Maio stressed the need to focus on the selective collection in Campania: "We have to invest in differentiated – he said – because we create more jobs, with the differentiated we are 50% and making a rule in the budget law that says that if you produce less garbage you pay less Tari you will see that in a few years we can reach percentages in the EU average Furthermore – he concluded – doing an incinerator does not take one day but years and years.In the same years we differentiate ourselves and look to the future instead of looking to the past ".

Di May challenged by students

A few dozen students challenged Minister Luigi Di Maio upon arriving at the Barsanti technical institute in Pomigliano d'Arco (Naples), the hometown of the deputy prime minister. In the cry "Di Maio outside the schools," protesters belonging to student movements shouted slogans against the minister at work as he drove into the school parking lot. Among the protesters, who also displayed some banners in front of the technical institute, also exponents of Si Cobas. Immediately after the students and members of the Si Cobas blocked the traffic of vehicles. Demonstrators posted some banners in which they asked for "facts, enough promises" and ran into the streets, blocking the traffic of vehicles.

Meeting with workers from Fiat de Pomigliano

Labor Minister Luigi Di Maio this morning also met four of the five graduates from the FCA at the church San Felice in Pincis de Pomigliano d 'Arco. The old blue suits are among the promoters of the protest in front of the Isis of Pomigliano. At the meeting, mediated by the parish priest of the church of St. Felix in Pincis and held in the parish house of the sacred building, attended a representation of unemployed & # 39; November 7 & # 39 ;, FCA fired, workers from Castellammare di Stabia and members of & # 39; Yes Cobas.

In Caserta a protocol for the land of fires

Di May Day in Campania will close at the first pomergiggio in Caserta where the Prime Minister and seven ministers will sign the Memorandum of Understanding for "an urgent action on the Land of Fireworks."

Land of the fires

"If there is the land of fires is because there is industrial waste from illegal factories, it has nothing to do with domestic waste, but we speak of industrial waste," said Di Pomigliano today Di Maio. "With the Carabinieri Forestal we will strengthen intelligence activity and Ministry of Economic Development, we will prepare a protocol against counterfeiting. "


"I would avoid unnecessary alarmism. That is how Economic Development Minister Luigi Di Maio responded to the reporters who asked him to comment on the alarm about the pensions launched by the president of Inps Tito Boeri.


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