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Cristiano Ronaldo: three goals and messages for Juve – La Gazzetta dello Sport

Replaced by Sarri against Milan, Cristiano responded in the field to those who considered him problematic. For Juve, he needs to rest, but in all likelihood he will also be the holder of Luxembourg

Cristiano Ronaldo is fine. This is the camp's verdict on the night of Faro, where CR7 was a major protagonist during all 83 minutes that saw him in action on the field. In the 6-0 for Lithuania – which brought Portugal closer to the Euro 2020 finals – the Madeira champion scored 3 goals, touched at least as many, continued to run and overlapped nonstop. All of this to be "one step from the finish line," as he posted at the end of the race. And the Portuguese number 7 also found a way to devote himself to ecstatic fans: during the break he stopped to take a picture with a child, while during the match he even gave a "selfie" to a field invader who wore the shirt Juve's.

After the controversy

About Juve: In Ronaldo's super performance, it's easy to read the implied messages for the bianconeri as well. The CR7 comes from the poorly digested substitution against Milan, culminating in the early departure from the stadium. Maurizio Sarri on Sunday spoke of a Ronaldo "to be grateful for being available despite not being in the best condition". The CR7 posted a reassuring post on social media the day after the race, but the immediate departure for Portugal's withdrawal did not allow clarification with the Juventus group that Sarri expected.

The sting of ct.

There will be an opportunity to do so on the way back, but in the meantime, Cristiano let him know in every possible way that he would feel good. He said that a day before Portugal-Lithuania, reiterated it with the attitude on the field. Then he closed the night with a long hug with ct. Fernando Santos, who on 83 minutes, with the 6-0 game and three goals signed by the phenomenal Cristiano, gave him the ovation of the stadium and replaced him. And the CT. At the end of the race, he commented: "Ronaldo is fine, I had no doubt. It's the people who question him, certainly not me." It is extremely likely – if it is not certain – that Fernando Santos will reopen it as a starting Sunday in Luxembourg: Portugal is not yet qualified for Euro 2020, another victory is needed to protect against Serbia's latest attack. CR7 must be there, with all due respect to Juve, who would like to rest for his ace.

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