Cristian and Tara, why are not they invited to the UD? Talk about it, then the answer about the kids


Cristian and tare new business in RomeMen and women, Cristian and Tara missing for years: what about the editorial staff?

Cristian and Tara they were, are, and continue to be one of the most Men and women. Despite this, they were not invited to the broadcast for some time. Years, now. His knowledge of the program charmed everyone, perhaps not everyone bet on his love, but they are married and in love. I'm not very sociable, just today Tara toyed with the fans saying that Cristian never was and he does not like to show himself in videos and photos together. O Gabrieletto however, he devotes a lot of time to his fans, who are many, and he likes to answer questions as well as give beauty tips. Today, Tara did just that, answered questions from the fans and someone asked where she and Cristian are with the editorial team.

Cristiane and Tara, why are not they invited to men and women? The answer

"Do you still feel like the editors of Men and Women? Why do not they invite you?That was the question they asked. With some videos, Tara responded like this: "Well, it seems to me that we are not the only uninvited people, even other couples, at least I read this on the Web. But guys nothing happens, on the contrary". Probably referred to Oscar and Eleonora, which also showed at times that they are not taken into consideration, despite being one of the couples that endure over time. But Tara also added: "So I'll tell you, to be invited to play, even if it's not sincere.I see I lost time.A further reason for the choices of people I do not know.I would not have gone.Then,. In short, if the editorial team had invited Tara and Cristian – of which he recently spoke about an alleged betrayal – in special bets with the various games and then the choices in the castle, they would not have accepted.

Cristian and Tara, Gabrieletto responds to the fans: "When it will, it will come"

But among the many questions that came to Tara Gabrieletto, who in one story was also interrupted sympathetically by an invasion of Cristian behind him, there were several in his sons. Cristian and Tara after men and women They got married, but they have not had one yet. children. Former suitors today wanted to answer those who asked if she wanted to become a mother and said, "Of course! When that happens, it will come. It seems to me that I have to shake in one day".


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