Crazy Saturday, Google offers 10 free apps in the Play Store


Android: crazy on Saturday, Google offers 10 free paid apps in the Play Store

When android begins to get serious, there is no antagonist or competitor to take. The company actually tends to break any obstacle in front of it now, even though perhaps the last situation with Huawei in the middle is not the best to turn.

Leaving this aspect aside, Google seems to not want to stop the news being introduced, since the gap with iOS is almost nil. Currently, content is increasing, especially in Play Store which has done nothing but grow out of proportion for years. Applications are more and more like games, and certainly not lacking fun initiatives. (For all offers Amazonas with many shock codesunique, here is ours Telegram channel Official. Click here to enter).

Android: just for today, Google has decided to launch up to 10 free applications and games, here are the titles, but be quick to download them

Just for today, Google has decided to launch a floppy initiative in the Play Store, which will surely see a significant influx of users. This day makes it possible to 10 apps and games paid for free for all.

We remind you that all the bonds we are about to leave you will return for payment from tomorrow or even the next few hours. Finally, here are all the titles you can download directly from here:


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