Council of Ministers, go ahead for the appointment of the Bank of Italy. Clash in autonomy


Go ahead for the appointments of the board of the Bank of Italy, confront yourself with everything else. The Council of Ministers met tonight after the mission of the system of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio do no more than certify the frost that exists in these days between the two allies. With a stone guest, "sitting" at the meeting: the case Armando Siri. According to government sources, the name of the undersecretary of the Northern League does not even mention the name of the M5S, although the M5S is looking forward to its step back.

The meeting at the Palazzo Chigi lasts about an hour and a half and in the end the MDL ratifies the nominations decreed by Via Nazionale by the Board of the Bank of Italy: Fabio Panetta new general manager with Luigi Signorini, Daniele Franco and Alessandra Perrazzelli to complete the directory. It is now up to the President of the Republic Sérgio Mattarella, with an ad hoc decree, to formalize them. And yet, from the League a yes comes with reserve: bad moods, according to Lega government sources, focus on "external appointments that do not exploit the many resources of internal resources." In the display, therefore, Franco and Perrazzelli end up, in this case, the two outsiders to the new directory. In the end, the League says yes, but announces that in a few days, will present a reform of the Bank of Italy.

Salvini's offensive in the wake of the Siri affair and the prospect that the undersecretary may resign on a tight schedule does not end here. A good part of the CDM, in fact, focuses on the nominations of the new mayors and, in particular, the arrival in Rome of Gerarda Pantalone, former mayor of Naples particularly appreciated by the League. The M5S, in the end, produces, albeit aware of the possibility that the report might predict the new mayor and Virginia Raggi to be laborious.

During the meeting, the Minister for Regional Affairs, Erika Stefani, took the floor: the representative of the Northern League, following a strategy already established in the afternoon, puts a report on the Autonomies on the table. Sources of the M5S, in the completed CDM, judge the dossier as "precarious and incomplete duty". Tension grows. Salvini proposes that in the next CDM the dossier of Autonomy be officially brought to the table. And sources of government of the League, at the end of the meeting, note the "satisfaction" by the fact that the agreements on Autonomies are brought to the next CDM. "No decision was taken on the next CDM, Salvini proposed and no one answered," responded M5S government sources, reiterating Di Maio's priorities: minimum wages and salary cuts for parliamentarians.

But Salvini, according to some major sources, is preparing a second offensive: a "bis" decree on security tightening the knot of lawlessness and immigration and will be presented in the coming days.

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