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College 4, Claudia Dorelfi expelled by decision of students


Excited moments in the fifth episode of The College 4. The students set off for a school trip in Val Brembana, which produced a sensational episode. Claudia Dorelfi was expelled But the peculiarity of what happened is that it was the boys themselves who decided to send the warrant. Claudia had already risked expulsion, but during the fourth episode of Il collegio she was pardoned (unlike Alex Djorjevic and Andrea Bellantoni, hunted for a fight almost).

Because Claudia was expelled

Claudia and Vincenzo Crispino, after interrupting with animal sounds a lesson on cheese preparation, were forced to leave the trip and return to school. In the return of the whole class, the principal did not punish Vincenzo anymore, but decided not to offer Claudia another chance, already finished six times in his office: "For me, Signorina Dorelfi is at the end of the line, but you decide if she should be expelled. If he stays, you will be the one to pay for his absence.". She, crying, asked to leave not to involve the others, and the class, although very disputed, decided with a vote. In the end, most of the boys decided to expel her for the good of the group. : "Only those who voted to stay will greet her in the courtyard, others will have the courage to stay"The incident created a breach in the group, split between those who are convinced that they made the right choice by sending Via Claudia and were ready to pay the consequences to keep him in school.

Who is Claudia Dorelfi

Claudia Dorelfi is 14 years old and comes from Rome. From the first episode, he stands out for his angular and impatient nature. A little school lover, he proved to have some shortcomings in terms of general culture, so much so that, with regard to the well-known Loczonian phrase "washing clothes in the Arno," he exchanged the Florentine river for a washing machine. On Fanpage.it, he said he had a difficult past and explained that his dream for the future is "become an influencer and enter the world of fashion and entertainment". He also stated that he was one hundred percent in front of the cameras:"My behaviors were the same as I had out of school, so the cameras were just a detail that didn't affect me. I did and said everything I wanted"

What happened in the fifth episode of Il Collegio 4

Tuesday, November 19 is the fifth and penultimate round of the fourth season, which will end on 26. During the episode, after the far from positive report from the outside inspector, students were forced to experiment with the separate education method with men divided by women. The boys learned to know what is now considered an object of modernism as the Walkman and ventured into a Lucio Dalla classic as "The Next Year." Martina Brondin and Mario Tricca were the protagonists of a great battle: as a punishment, they did not make an excursion and had to cohabit for two days within the structure. Collegio 4 is produced by Magnolia-Banijay and is in the Collegio Convitto of Celana di Caprino Bergamasco.

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