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Coletto, doctor of the central family in Patto per la Salute – Sanità

– "The family medicine for a priceless laugh is irreplaceable, a central one for territorial medicine. It resonates with it, in part, with the proposal of a new National Patron for the Salute, which is linked to the Region, the syndicate and the other." Attention to the system, and the future of the future and later modernization of the doctor of the base and of its organizational form in the qualification of the svolge and the svolgerà of the assistance to the cittadini ". The Dichiara of the Sottosegretario alla Salute, Luca Coletto.

"Quello to the Prospect – Aggiunge Coletto – He is a doctor of general medicine who maintains his cousin's primary valve for the need for his person's care, with a very significant look at it, but he is already in a new organizational form. , as I assist the team with their qualifications reach the region if they are guiding, and in an anchor più spiccata professionalità, legata, so much for fare a time, all the management of it chronicle. popolazione and all the increase of the need for assistance to ensure the retention of the ".

"I consent, and I will always consent to reduce – to decrease the quota of improper access. First aid, saving the stone from the caricature of the inappropriate mission of the cure."


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