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Cinquestelle loses communes and votes Pay your mistakes, the League is approaching

To accelerate the approach of the five-star movement to the "old parties" now there is also this vice. That, that is, to say that someone has won even when one is lost. To say that everything is fine, when it is not good. And so, from the statements of political leader Di Maio to the leader of the group in Ars Cappello, everything is a game of "distinction" and clarification. All a balance on defeat.The excuses, then, are always the same. "You lose in the municipalities because you run alone." And here at least two contradictions emerge. The first: even the Sicilian leaders of the Movement had announced that it was the right moment for the race, along with civic lists. A taboo to unban to try to win even locally. But this step was not given, perhaps because it is still too soon. But there is another element that dismantles the grilline theory: the law with which it was voted is, in substance, the same one that allowed the Movement in these years to conquer Bagheria and Gela (in addition to other important centers like Ragusa). Municipalities where, instead, the grillini, this time, could not even go to the vote.

And yet the Cinquestelle rejoice in less than convincing arguments. Among them, the thesis that the Movement is, in any case, "the first part" in all Municipalities. Reasoning this in itself makes no sense, in the face of the very obvious slope in numbers. But this is not entirely true, since in different realities even the civic lists (where often the votes of the exponents of the traditional parties converge) got more votes than the grill list. Starting from Bagheria and Gela. In the first case, among other things, compared to the last Administrative, the Movement halved its preferences: from more than five thousand votes to just over 2,500. From over 18% to just over 9%.

What do "trinkets" have to do with this? Nothing of course. Perhaps, if anything, the judicial-administrative mishaps of the city will have more influence the outgoing mayor Patrizio Cinque as well as some controversy over some "hot" issues, such as abuse and environmentalism, in which Bagheria's grillini seemed to be at least contradictory. And the same can be said for Ice, where preferences fell from almost five thousand to just over three thousand, the candidate got 15% of votes against 24% five years ago, just as the list fell from 12% to 9%. And even in this case, they certainly will not have benefited feuds that have already followed the election Domenico Messinese out of motion. Instead, the movement is "saved" Caltanissettacity ​​of its Sicilian leader Giancarlo Cancelleri, taking at least the second round, as happened in Castelvetrano. These will be the appointments that can turn a bankruptcy session into a successful election. But only in case of victory, of course.

To this day, however, the Movement does not place any mayor in any major city. And if the consolation is in the results of the League, it means that the moment for the Cinquestelle is really difficult. In more recent policies, the Movement has achieved stratospheric percentages, above 40% and sometimes above 50. Consider the success that, for example in Bagheria, the difference with the Carroccio is only one percentage point and less than 300 votes, or claiming to have come forward, even in Gela, only a point and a half and five hundred votes, is little more than a rhetorical game. Saying "we got to the front of the League" in Sicily where the League was not there until two years ago and with so much waste is the flop signal. And Lega's obsession is a mistake that goes hand in hand with the original sin: to persecute the Carroccio politically, flattening itself in its positions in many questions, giving the idea of ​​being still subordinated, facing the strong man in the government.

Thus, the consensus percentages were annulled at national level. A "pass" that also had its plastic representation in Sicily in the "joke" of Mazara del Vallo. There, two ministers also met, a few hours before the vote. On the one hand, the Southern Minister, Barbara Lezzi, on the other, the Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini. And in the end, he was the candidate of the League Giorgio Randazzo to snatch the right to play the election on the ballot, in the city with the most populous Islamic community. The Movement remained on the outside even there. Defeated and reduced to digging the vocabulary and reasoning of the old parties to justify the setback. "We are the first part." But the League, very recently, is very close today.

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