Chievo di Ventura does not get involved, even against Sassuolo


VERONA, ITALY - OCTOBER 1: AC Chievo Verona of Lucas Castroof celebrates after scoring the first goal of his team during the Serie A match between AC Chievo Verona and ACF Fiorentina at Stadio Marc & Antonio Bentegodi on October 1 of 2017 in Verona, Italy. (Photo by Dino Panato / Getty Images)

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Third game and third defeat for the unfortunate Giampiero Ventura in the bank of Chievo. The situation in the ranking of the Veronese team does not improve anything under the care of the former coach of the selection, given the minus sign that still hangs like a boulder in the clivensi's head. There would be no point in launching against the chariot of Liguria now, but there will be a need for a radical reversal and some more favorable situations to continue to shake the dream of salvation and allow the Chievo still represent the sports miracle that gave rise to many sympathies from 2001 to today.

In the post match, Ventura He showed all his will and commitment to try to remedy a highly deficient classification situation and an environment that has little hope for his players when we are in November. Someone will say that Ventura, due to the role it plays, it should inevitably give the impression of still having so many arrows in front of it to avoid being labeled as technician now in disarray and near retirement. To help psychologically all those around you and perhaps also to give an emotional boost to yourself, Ventura he remembered the Crotone two seasons ago, when, despite the great margin that separated it fromEmpoli the last, he miraculously saved himself at the last minute thanks also to the work of Davide Nicola. The coach of Mussi Volanti I would like to repeat the same business as the Calabrian team, by Chievo from the abyss of B and, perhaps, dreaming of being taken in triumph by his players.

Standing at the conference today at the dopogara, Ventura he is sure he saw a Chievo different defeats obtained previously, capable of creating several scoring opportunities over 90 minutes, without ever suffering Sassuolo in From Zerbi: "I immediately begin to say that I am happy.I understand that he may also be insane when we lose the third consecutive game of my management, but I have to look beyond the result and then say that I am satisfied with the performance. the Sassuolo net in the first half was random and in the second half we increased the intensity and aggressiveness, for at least 70 minutes the team played on an equal footing with a Sassuolo who during the summer made important investments.

A mitigation that can be given to Ventura refers to the important desertions present in the defense clivense. The absence of experience Hunter and Tomovic was made to feel, even if, to tell the truth, most of the work was requested for the neroverdi defensive From Zerbi with Marlon, Magnani and Ferrari among the best in the field. The attempt to Ventura to play in the fray so many young people in their early twenties to hide the short blanket of the Chievo was not enough to give that necessary affront to get the better of the opponent.
The same Giaccherini, often extra man along with Birsa on a Chievo otherwise technically poor, it provided a lot of effort, trying to drag the team to match with their punctual crosses. The negative period the club is going through Campedelli, also from the point of misfortune, can be seen from the self-government of the Giak ratification of the umpteenth surrender of a Chievo unrecognizable in comparison to provincial cynicism and hunger shown in other situations.
In a fast-paced football like today, it's okay to give it to him Ventura the time needed to meet the men at his disposal and return to show the good game that has always distinguished the Genoese training teams. Even if premature, it will be important to see the work on the Chievo during the January window.
If we talk about bankruptcy, for seventy years of age Ventura the risk is to finally write the final word in your ten year career in the worst possible way.


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