Chiariello on the parallel Ajax-Naples: "We had the Great Beauty, we did not win, but we were proud …"


In the microphones of Radio Crc, Umberto Chiariello commented on the new Ajax venture in the Champions League: "Ajax have won the new Tottenham stadium showing how it is possible to combine results and beauty, how it is possible to win through ideas, organization and philosophy.In Italy there is only one company, obviously light years away from Ajax which is Atalanta , which has the best nursery in Italy, is the first team with a trainer who gives continuity over the years, playing a physical and European football, managing to compete with top-level clubs. We have always said that turnover and salaries make a difference, but sometimes ideas, organizations and structures are more important. Ajax is a cycle: after Cruijff there was Van Gaal and other greats, now there is that of Jong and Ligt, a team born of a philosophy: in Naples we had the Great Beauty. We did not win but we were different from everyone and we were orgu Now we lose him because of those who went out, because of those who failed to protect him, because of so many things. Today we cling to a winning coach, but Great Beauty can be our true wealth. "


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