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Borsa Italiana, exceeds the percentage point increase of FTSEMib. Comment of the day (June 11, 2019)


The progress of the main indexes of Borsa Italiana continues to consolidate. In asset management at Piazza Affari, banks and Telecom Italia are good. Down Diasorin

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Market-sale_1The progress of the main indexes of Borsa Italiana continues to consolidate after a more uncertain early morning. The other European stock exchanges also performed well, while Wall Street – judging by the futures – should open up. In asset management at Piazza Affari, banks and Telecom Italia are good. Sales of Diasorim after the plan of 2022.

Then at 3:20 p.m. FTSEMib rises by 1.01% to 20,692 points, while theAll Share increases by 0.99%. Positive sign also for MidCap (+ 0.95%) and star (+ 0.6%). At the same time, the value of the grants is approximately 950 million euros.

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At Borsa Italiana, banks are doing well, expanding yesterday's progress. BPER Banca salt of 1.38%, BankBPM 1.74%, Unicredit 1.25%.

Jump from Credito Valtellinese (+ 7.22%). There were no press releases sensitive to prices on the Creval or rumors circulated. Next week, Tuesday, June 18, the company's top management will present the institute's business plan.

Assets under management are highlighted. Azimut (+ 3.17%) announced that it closed the month of May 2019 with a positive net inflow of approximately 164 million euros. The figure, since the beginning of the year, shows the conquest of a slice of 2 billion. Total assets, including assets under management, reached 54.6 billion at the end of May, of which 42.2 billion are assets under management.

Too good General Banking (+ 3.01%).

salt FCA (+ 1.3%). According to what MF writes, it would not preclude that the top management of the company can evaluate with Renault the reopening of negotiations for the merger already defended in recent days. Crucial seems to be the position of Nissan, allied to the transalpine house and owned by the latter with a significant stake (about 43.5%).

OK too Telecom Italia (+ 1.64%). According to Sole24Ore Cdp and the telephone group, they would have found a square of the circle in the Open Fiber assessment, which is in the range of 2 billion to 100%. The two companies are working to create the network company that will have to join Open Fiber (50% of the same Cdp and 50% Enel) with the telecommunications network.

There is one of the best in FTSEMib STM (+ 3.52%).

Sales in DiaSorin (-2.4%). The diagnostic company examined and approved the business plan for the four-year period 2019-2022. The company's economic targets for the plan period indicate annual revenue growth of between 5% and 10%, a gross operating margin in business volume comparable to that recorded in 2018 and a cumulative cash flow of 2019-2022 between 700 and 750 million of euros.

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