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Bill Gates exceeds Jeff Bezos, he is the richest man in the world –

NEW YORK – Bill Gates defeats Jeff Bezos and retakes the world paperone title. The founder of Microsoft, according to Bloomberg's billionaire index, is worth $ 110 billion against 108.7 billion Bezos. Bernard Arnault was third with 102.7 billion. An endless challenge between Bezos and Gates, not only in the wealth ranking, but also at the industrial level.

The challenge to the richest man title in the world reflects the "shock" between Amazon and Microsoft for the Pentagon's $ 10 billion maximum contract. Surprisingly, the US Department of Defense granted Microsoft the highest order, which was a real slap at Bezos. But the online sales giant does not intend to suffer passively and announces an appeal against a "political influence" decision. Amazon seemed the natural winner of the maxi contract until Donald Trump cast his eye on the award process, denouncing complaints from some companies. From that moment on, it was immediately clear that for the Amazon a victory would not have been granted. And so it was: The contract was signed with Microsoft and Amazon remained with a handful of flies in hand. Many saw in choosing the Pentagon the hand of the president, whose dislike for Bezos and the "Amazon Washington Post" is known. The loss of the contract, as well as a quarterly report that did not convince him to show an increase in costs to meet the need for 24-hour deliveries, weighed on Amazon Wall Street shares, in fact impoverishing an already poorer Bezos due to a multimillionaire divorce from MacKenzie Bezos, now the fourth richest woman in the world.

The billionaire ranking confirms the rise of Arnault, the sponsor of LVMH, the € 200 billion luxury giant that targets Tiffany, Audrey Hepburn's favorite jewelry store. By putting her hand on Tiffany Arnault, she would strengthen herself in the United States and be able to further diversify her empire by increasing exposure to jewelry, one of the fastest growing sectors in the luxury market. With its 300 stores worldwide, Tiffany is one of the largest jewelers in the world, along with Cartier and Bulgari, which are part of the Arnault empire.

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