BENEDETTA MAZZA VICTIM OF BULLISM? / Video, criticism of Cattaneo and Giorgi (Big Brother Vip 2018)


This time to attack Benedetta Mazza in the home of Big Brother Vip there is Ivan Cattaneo. The singer told her without going too long that "buttery to lardose is a moment". It is not the first time inside the most famous television house comes the attacks on him, because in the past Eleonora Giorgi had not gone so far into the subtle calling "c ** ona." Benedetta reacted once more in a truly exemplary way, emphasizing Ivan that he was right and walking away without any desire to fuel any controversy. Sure enough, Mazza once again leaves this episode head-on and tonight, during the episode on Monday, will be able to express what he really felt. It remains difficult to understand why this fury against him, since Mazza is a truly beautiful girl with an enviable body. (by Matteo Fantozzi)

After the kiss, Stefano Sala suffers in silence

Benedetta Mazza has put new distances Stefano Sala one Big Brother Vip 3, even if the video with his famous kiss is still one of the most clicked on the reality portal. The two contestants exchange tenderness and a few kisses, but all are reduced compared to before. Some viewers would finally see their couple take off while others believe that it is actually built around a table. The journalist Alberto Dandolo in the weekly Oggi, in fact, pointed out that Benedetta and Sala are managed by the same agency, which may have led them to create an ad hoc flirt. The stop made by Stefano last week, with many backs to his girlfriend, did not stop Benedetta from continuing to deal with the model. Now, his official hairdresser, did not back down in front of the accolades: Stephen in his eyes is one of the beautiful houses undisputed.
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Benedetta Mazza, Big Brother Vip: Where's Stefano Sala?

Benedetta Mazza he may have lost his accomplice in the house. After the contact between the Big Brother Vip 2018 and girlfriend Dasha, the presenter was overshadowed by Stephen and the famous plot that would prevent them from voting for each other could collapse in the coming weeks. The time will come when the three friends of Francesco Monte will have to take this step, while there are still others who have not framed Benedetta. No personal story about her life, other than the numerous references to ex, some years ago, no revelation capable of drawing attention to her. Even the cameras of the program frame it very often, preferring to give greater visibility to the more anonymous Martina Hamdy. The truth is that removed the flirtation with Stefano Sala, never born among other things, Mazza has very little to give the Italian public.

A strong attraction for Stefano, but …

Benedetta Mazza he never hid in Big Brother Vip 2018 to experience a strong attraction for Stefano Sala. Even though you are less biased than the model, you have preferred to stay more vague for the time being so as not to give anyone any assurance that you really feel something. Is Benedetta suffering in silence? It is very likely, since its explosion occurred only in the week in which it was believed that something would be born between the two. It all ended up as a soap bubble and Mazza is back to the backstage of a reality show that is already struggling to take off. Benedetta chose to take a step back, but only because Sala gave no reason to believe that something could really come out between them. But he remains the first confidant of the model and have to take stock, if there is really a love between the two, the most committed is the Mazza. No de facto initiative of the Room, but only cold. Also in front of the many compliments of the girl.


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