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Bad weather: new high tide peak in Venice: 155 cm | Arno full alert

Sunday "will be a tough day" for Venice, says Mayor Brugnaro, emphasizing that, anyway, "the winds are slowing, and the 160-centimeter tidal peak is high, but what destroyed the city" on Tuesday it was 187 centimeters. "

Despite the insistence of the tide, the Adriatic sea level in front of the lagoon of venice appears falling down. The wind of sirocco he began to breathe violently in the lagoon and in Venice.

Red Alert in Emilia Romagna The red alert remains for Emilia's rivers, as the bad weather of the last few hours has caused critical situations, especially in the provinces of Bologna and Ferrara, due to the rapid increase in rivers. The rains in the last 48 hours have created three near floods. The Rhine reached its peak at Casalecchio di Reno (two meters and twenty meters high). The Napoleonic cable factory has been opened to contain part of the flood, which will flow to the Ferrara area over the next 48 hours. The Samoggia and Sillaro rivers have also reached level 3 and there is widespread flooding.

Index on bolognese area: bowel movements The Idice stream has broken a bank and is flooded in the Budrio area in the Bologna area. The authorities therefore ordered the evacuation of at least 100 people. The council advised citizens not to go there and use "the utmost care when traveling on roads marked as critical points". A rescue center was also installed in the municipal pavilion.

Bad weather also affects Tuscany As expected, the Arno has risen above the first guard level in Florence, reaching three and a half meters on the embankment due to rainfall affecting most of the Region since Saturday night. The same Arno reached the second level at Incisa-Figline. This is what we have learned from the Metropolitan City civil protection and the regional operating room. Overcome the first guard level, also the Bisenzio river in San Piero a Ponti.

Mayor of Grosseto: "Far from home who lives near the Ombrone river" The bad weather affecting Tuscany (orange warning in most of the territory) has mainly affected the Grosseto area, south of the capital Maremma. Grosseto Mayor Antonfrancesco Vivarelli Colonna asked those living less than 400 meters from the Ombrone River to abandon their homes. Six and a half meters were passed on the Berrettino hydrometer. "The fourth phase of the full service has been officially opened. Anyone residing less than 400 meters from the river (Saracina, Alberino, Via Rossini, Crespi, Cittadella, San Martino areas) must immediately leave their homes and move to safer areas. "

Cable on A22 and railroad, Brenner off limits In Vipiteno, the fall of some trees caused the fall of a medium-voltage cable on the Brenner Highway and the now interrupted railway, as well as the state road. For this reason, Brenner is currently Out of bounds and replacement buses cannot be established. Technicians should exercise extreme caution because of the cable that may still be under electrical current. The closing will last a few hours.

High tide in Venice, record tides: similar events have been missing since 1872

Avalanche in the Martell Valley In Val Martello (Bolzano) huge masses of snow and uprooted trees fell into the valley invading the city streets like a lava flow. Fortunately, the avalanche caused no casualties, but some homes remained damaged. In some places, snow hits the first floor of houses.

Evacuated hotel and discomfort in Neapolitan area Hated by bad weather spares not even southern Italy, especially in the Neapolitans and other areas of Campania. A Giugliano was evacuated to Hotel L & Anicrè, located on the shores of Lake Patria: six people were removed from the structure. Water flow difficulties are reported in the Regi Lagni mouth area in Castel Volturno (Caserta) and major inconveniences are reported, as well as in different areas of Naples, also in the municipalities north of the capital of Campania, such as Marano and Quarto and in other centers of the phlegraean area.

Bad weather, fallen trees and strong winds: at least 200 interventions in Rome There were two hundred firefighting interventions at night in Rome due to flooding and fallen trees due to the storm and the strong wind that is falling at this time in the capital. Already this morning, there are 100 interventions in line. There are trees on the road in the Salita di Sant & Onofrio in the center; closed to traffic because the Tiber underpass in Sassia is flooded.

Snowfall and flooding in the Alessandria area The wave of bad weather also continues in the Alessandria area, where several roads have been flooded. Autostrade per l'Italy plans snow on the A26 between the Predosa-Bettole branch and the A10 Genova-Ventimiglia junction. Snowfall on the Apennines bordering La
Liguria Reports of accumulations of 38 centimeters of snow in Piani di Carrega Ligure and 22 centimeters in Capanne di Marcarolo.

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