Bad weather continues to sacrifice: a lightning strike killed a tourist in Sardinia


After 4 days of torture, a 34-year-old Trentino was killed by a lightning strike. The most affected areas count the damage

The worst time was killed again: the last victim of a German tour, who hiked with his family and added a lightning strike in Carloforte, southwest of Sardinia. However, after four days of pain at the Trento hospital, Denis Magnani, the 34-year-old Val di Non lightning strike, has died and the weather situation does not leave Italy.

In the most affected areas, especially in Liguria, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, the government is considering dropping taxes and folders, according to Deputy Minister of Economy Laura Castelli, "suspension of tax liabilities should be a priority measure for which financial support should be provided for services and infrastructure network ". Thus, during the conference call between Toti, Zaia and Fedriga, Premier Conte and Vice-President Giorgetti, the government secured "the greatest attention" and all the necessary measures.

Civil protection has in the meantime given a new warning of unfavorable weather conditions and if Saturday is expected to gradually and momentarily improve in the peninsular regions, instability will continue to be strong in Sicily, and red alert from Sardinia. And there is still an emergency in the Belluno area where, after damage to these days, landslides and mudslides completely blocked Cencenighe and Agordoot connecting 203. Isolated some settlements in the northern part of the landslide, 27 broken roads that were critical of water and light. On Saturday, the head of civil protection, Angelo Borrelli, will carry out further investigations in this area. Additionally, Po has a concern whose hydrometry level has increased by nearly 2.5 meters in the last 24 hours due to rain.

Liguria, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto have calculated the damage in the meantime: the presidents have been asked to activate the 45500, 45500 phone number, which will be active on midnight on November 4th. Some lenders have suspended loans to families and businesses for 12 months and loaned under favorable conditions.

In Ischia, however, a hotel in Casamicciola fell on a large perimeter wall due to heavy rains: the stones and the earth reached the central Piazza Marina, which was attacked by rocks and debris. In Ischia a man was rescued by firefighters after they had finished his van in a flooded area; to save another one in the underpass.

In Palermo, two agricultural workers disappeared in a business where they lived in the Fanaco area, in an area where bad weather raged, triggered the alarm: after a few hours it was cool but secure and loud. Instead of injuring Sciacca, in Agrigentino, where Cansalamone torrent overflows; warning in Corleonese too. Mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, ordered the closure of schools on Saturday and invited an invitation to strictly restrict the movements.


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