Wednesday , October 28 2020

Autumn dividends, cuts at Ftse Mib on November 18. By 2020, Unicredit and FCA maxi coupons were expected

Poste Italiane's innovation stands out among Piazza Affari companies, which are used to giving their shareholders a prepayment dividend in the fall. During Monday, there will be 5 FTSE Mib titles to carry the coupon: Mediobanca, Recordati, Poste Italiane, Tenaris and Terna. November 18 will not be the last appointment, because just before Christmas, December 16, it will be STM disconnect a deposit of 6 cents per share. Advance already released in September by Eni (0.43 euros).
To collect the dividend, the action must be taken at the end of the last business day before the coupon has been withdrawn.

Poste's first time and the rich Mediobanca coupon

Looking at Monday's deadlock, Mediobanca's dividend of € 0.47 stands out, equivalent to a yield of around 4.5%. For Mediobanca, it is the actual dividend and not an advance as it closes the balance sheet 2018 and 2019 on September 30. Among other dividends, income ranges from 1% to about 1.5% per Recordati (€ 0.48), Tenaris (€ 0.1112) and Terna (€ 0.0842). Finally, Poste Italiane approved the distribution of an ordinary dividend advance of € 0.154 per share after the approval of the third quarter accounts, with a yield of about 1.4%. The deposit will be payable from November 20th, with the coupon withdrawal date on the 18th and the registration date on the 19th of November.

Out of the Ftse Mib advance coupon also for Mediolanum Stall (0.21%) with a substantial yield of 2.2%, and Danieli (€ 0.15 for savings and € 0.1707 for savings).

By 2020, even richer dividends

Considering only the Ftse Mib, Il Sole 24 Ore estimates indicate this year the distribution of more than 21 billion euros in ordinary dividends, growing strongly from 19 billion by 2018 and at the top since 2008. Value to increase yet more in 2020, with some companies like Banco BPM, Saipem and Telecom Italia that could redistribute the dividend, which has been lost in recent years. Also under observation Unicredit with analyst consensus that by 2020 a dividend more than doubledorWhile fca could give shareholders an extraordinary 5.5 billion dividend if the merger with Psa passes.
Considering the context of very low rates with the 10-year BTP that generates just over 1% Even after rising in recent weeks, average yields of around 3.5% of coupons taken from Piazza Affari represent interesting figures and are also among the highest in Europe.

Is it better to get in before the break?

But is it worth entering a title near the range to get the generous coupon? The first risk is to be taken advantage of for low affairs of Piazza Affari. One of the 24 Gann Rules It is precisely "never buy to collect a dividend." There is also the factor to consider taxation . “Dividends are rationally calculated from the market and the reversal of the write-off is already discounted. Entering the dividend only tends not to benefit the investor, especially if he or she is a private individual who pays the 26% coupon tax collected since the dividend is a capital income and not a different income. The reduction in stock price of the bond is in total. In theory, therefore, it may be better to enter the coupon deadline.
Much depends on how the action works after takeoff. "The real challenge is to see if the market will reduce the entire quota, something less or something more," emphasizes trader Tony Cioli Puviani.
Another strategic option could even be to sell the stock before the coupon has been posted. An option to consider if the security is priced higher than the current price. The sale of the shares would have the effect of avoiding dividend taxes and accumulating less capital loss. On the other hand, if you are making a profit, the choice of keeping the title or selling it is irrelevant for tax purposes.

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