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Gemma and Rocco

Wednesday May 1, 2019 displays the third nomination of the throne along U & D

This afternoon, at 2.45 pm, immediately after the Iberian novel Uma Vida, on Channel 5, despite the day of the celebration, we remember that it is Labor Day, we will see a new episode of Men and women.

According to the previews broadcast by the social channels of the program of meetings of Maria De Filippi, the viewers will participate in the third and last weekly appointment of the Throne on. What will happen in the studio? To know all the spoilers, we recommend reading the entire article.

Men and Women Spoilers: Riccardo Guarnieri and his Checkers

Advances of the senior parterre of Men and women, reveal that Riccardo made some releases with 4 ladies with whom he discussed before the Easter break. One of them, however, will be very angry with him, because today he has lost the notion of himself thinking that he was with his former Ida. Maria De Filippihowever, he will take the floor and confirm that the Platano he was in Taranto, but he did not see himself with the knight.

Then Riccardo will close with a lady because she, being great, does not want other children while he wants them. For this reason, it will be criticized for Tina Cipollari and Gianni Sperti telling him that the first one attends, so he decides more delicate matters. also Roberta he will attack you saying that he wants to find flaws in all of them not to establish a real relationship with them.

Men and women, throne on: Gemma and Rocco fight

The spoilers of the throne over Men and women, they also reveal that they will stay one more time Rocco and Gemma. Fredella will tell her that she accuses him of patronizing when Galgani goes out at night directed on Instagram and Facebook with T-shirts with the following inscription: "I do not want the moon, but I want joy". Of course, Kikò Nalli's ex-wife will get the ball and show the photo for all, provoking it with all the public present in the study of Elios 6 in Rome.


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