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As of April 19, 2019, except for any changes, all new customers Tim, which comes from any Virtual Operator (except Kena Mobile and I.) may re-activate the rechargeable offer at TIM resellers Tim 7 Extra Go New 30 Giga.

TIM 7 Extra Go New 30GB provides unlimited minutes for all national mobile and landline numbers, unlimited text messages for all national numbers and 50 Giga Internet 4G at the cost of 7 euros per month with residual credit.

In detail, the TIM 7 Extra Go New 30GB provides basic 1000 minutes for all national mobile and fixed numbers and 3 gigs of internet in 4G. At the same time, the options will be added within five days after activation + 27GB free+Free Unlimited Minutes and + Free unlimited SMS without additional cost. In this way, the offer becomes unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages and 30 Giga 4G monthly for 7 euros per month.

Compared to six months ago, it can not be activated iliad and there are also unlimited text messages for everyone. At any time it will be possible to request activation of the service Auto Reload TIM to pay for the renewal of the offer directly with your credit card or with your current account. Converged TIM fixed line customers will also receive 5 Giga per month as a gift thanks to the 100% TIM initiative.


The minutes of the conversations included in the offer are calculated based on the actual seconds of conversation and do not contribute to obtaining discount limits and bonuses linked to other offers.

The offer includes a activation fee of 12 euros. The cost of a new rechargeable SIM is 10 euros, Except for any local promotions. In case of activation at a distance the default activation cost is 9 euros and the cost of a new SIM is 25 euros with 20 euros of traffic included.

Mobile operator special offers are subject to sudden marketing changes and can not be activated by everyone. To discover all the news in real time, you can join the MondoMobileWeb Telegram channel for free to stay informed about the world of mobile telephony.

This limited edition offer will be activated unless there are changes in the Points of sale from TIM participating in the initiative and most likely also through the "Switch to Tim with operator" present on TIM's official website.

The Giga contained in the offers listed can be used freely without weekly limits. Internet traffic included in the offer is counted in increments of 1 KB and is valid for the use of the Internet and mobile mail, in Italy, in APN (for BlackBerry is Offers are valid for smartphone use also in hotspots and for the use of VoIP and Peer to Peer applications.

In TIM stores the payment of the first month in advance and the cost of activation of the offer is made directly to the retailer. Instead, the distance offers you to pay with the remaining credit included.

MondoMobileWeb recalls that it offers a undetermined time of all telephone operators may be modified by the same operator as required by the Electronic Communications Code regulations.

It is fair to mention this because there is legislation that allows this, someone tried to change it to make it more restrictive, but so far it continues to be remodeled at any time (it may be fair to block unilateral changes for at least X months after activation of a commercial package).

When a new rechargeable SIM card is activatedautomatically, the tariff profile is activated TIM Base and Chat with a cost of 2 euros per month, free for the first month for new customers. The plan allows you to chat in the most popular messaging applications. If you enable one of these rechargeable offers listed, the rate is expected. If the client does not want to pay another 2 euros a month, he can change plans Tim New Base and Tim Simple which do not include additional costs.

Starting January 28, 2019, changing the tariff plan through the customer service operator 119 costs € 3.99 (one-off), it remains free if the TIM customer uses the automated tools (IVR 119, IVR 40916 and MyTIM Customer Area).

During the activation phase of a new mobile line, the new TIM client can also find activation of the SMS service availability LoSai and ChiamaOra from TIM. The new TIM customer can activate, deactivate, or verify that the service has been activated by calling the number 40920 for free and following the directions in the guide, or directly online in the MyTim Mobile Services section of the official TIM website.

The availability service for rechargeable customers has an initial cost with a charge on the remaining credit of 1.59 euros per month and for new customers on promotion the first month is free.

As of February 25, 2019, in the event that the TIM client requests the deactivation by Customer Service 119, the intervention of the operator has a cost of 3.99 euros one-off by the cost of the operation. If the operation is performed automatically by the customer, there are no costs.

Thus, when activating a new TIM rechargeable sim, the customer, after a few days of activation, should remember, if not interested, to deactivate You know and Call now and change the basic rate profile if you do not want to pay more. You can do this through TIM's automated systems (IVR 119, IVR 40916 and Customer Area), otherwise, if you call Customer Service, it will pay additional charges as mentioned.

In addition, the automatic activation of TIM on a full trip when traveling in countries outside the European Union and the extrasoglia option Escort Giga. If the customer finishes his Giga, he will continue browsing automatically for 1.90 euros per 200 MB (up to a maximum of 1 GB every 30 days). Giga di Scorta is only used when the consumer has finalized the available internet traffic.

At the end of 1 Gig Escort (fifth token) the navigation is blocked. It will be possible, at any time, Disable Escort Jig. by calling 40916 or the My Tim Mobile authenticated area of ​​the official TIM website or Customer Service 119. About exceeding the Giga available at each renewal if the TIM client has no other data options enabled and has disabled Escort Giga, navigation stops until the next availability without additional costs.

Starting March 25, 2019, deactivating 1 Giga Reserve through customer service operator 119, which will cost € 3.99 (one-off), remains free if the TIM customer uses the automated tools (IVR 119, IVR 40916 and MyTIM Customer Area).

Thanks to Alessandro for the report. Without TIM formalizations, the ones published on this page should be considered rumors without any informational and commercial value.

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