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Angelina Jolie "very thin", an eager fan with her health. The voices: "He prepared the will"


Angelina Jolie visits the refugees, fans eager for her health. The voices:

Angelina Jolie visit different fields of refugees and the photos, spread in the social media, are very worrisome fan. "It is becoming more and more thin and pale", Commented fans of the actress, very concerned about the conditions of Cheers of Brad Pitt's ex-wife.

Angelina JolieAs a representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), he visited some refugee and refugee camps on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, where millions of people found themselves without a home after the war. financial and political crisis that hit the South American country. Wearing a designer tunic, UNHCR Angelina Jolie He visited the refugees, but appeared in very disturbing conditions.

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Although you are still very thin today Angelina Jolie however, seems a long way from that sexy, fit actress who has managed to become a planetary icon thanks to the role of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. According to rumors coming from areas close to Hollywood, Angelina Jolie she would be facing a terrible period after divorcing Brad Pitt, but even her health, after having been affected by breast cancer that forced her to mastectomy, would worsen. There are even rumors, reported by but not officially confirmed in relation to an alleged testament prepared by the actress, although many people close to her have revealed that, in recent times, Angelina Jolie he would not be eating any more.

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