Among the competitors of Temptation Island 2019 also Sabrina and Nicola – de Saluzzo


It was the first official pair presented in preparation for the launch of the 2019 edition of Temptation Island.

Is about Sabrina Martinengo and Nicola Tedde, both of Saluzzo. Twenty years of difference between them. A relationship that seems to be growing, evidenced by the many photos that portray them together on Sabrina's Facebook page.

She, the mother of three daughters, wants to understand by participating in the program "if you continue investing my future in this relationship". He admits: "I've always liked women with a few more years."

Will they resist the pitfalls of temptation? As the broadcast hopes, in fact, they will spend a few weeks in a beautiful resort in Sardinia surrounded by tempting and tempting people.

And they will see if their relationship will be able to withstand.

The recordings are in progress, the transmission is scheduled for the month of July.


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