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Ambra and Kiko kiss on Big Brother: Tina Cipollari comments

3In Big Brother twist: Amber returns to the house to find Kikò and the two kiss. Comments & Reviews about Tina Cipollari on Instagram

Barbara d Bear he was right to say that it would be an episode of the Big Brother really very very interesting. amber, the teacher who left last week, gave a good surprise to Kiko returning to the house to find him. Both during the meeting they kissed. Just after the comment of Tina Cipollari on the Instagram.

Before she returned to the reality show, even for a few minutes, last night she was a guest of Barbarian for Sunday Live and spoke of the strong bond with the hairdresser, claiming to have had an affair with another person shortly before his participation in the reality show, now interrupted:

"I've been dating a person for two weeks now, it's true.Now we are in a complicated and full of my experience.I miss living the emotions of the house and especially with Kikò.I still think it is but it is also true that I think I do not want to say that I fell madly in love with him, but perhaps by the sudden manner in which we parted … "

He affirmed amber. But tonight she made her entrance home and then, after a long speech, the sexy teacher He kissed intensely. Kiko. Look what happened …

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