Amazon also decided to stop selling the products



The world's most popular e-commerce platform, Amazonasdecided stop direct sales of equipment under the Huawei brand in your online store.

The reason would be given by the consequences US Government Guidelines placed The platform still allows third-party vendors to display the goods in question, but the products will no longer be available for direct access. Here are the details.

Amazon: stop the sales of Huaweu devices

The country where the company decided to stop selling these products online is Japan. The stop in question only arrived a few days after taking a stand against the South Korean company, from Japanese operators such as SoftBank, NTT DoCoMo. The latter have in fact stopped pre-ordering smartphones, such as the P30 Pro. The KDDI operator, in turn, postponed the introduction of the company's highest price list.

The Japanese division of the Seattle giants justified this choice by saying that it is due to "operating system problems," adding,We are looking for a solution to ensure the safe use of our customers", Through the company spokesman of Amazon. In case I Japanese customers would like to buy a product from Huawei, they can continue to do so through third party vendors.

The latter, as previously anticipated, operate on the e-commerce platform, but individually. The block was implemented only on devices sold directly from the platform. For other countries, we do not have other news yet, we just have to wait a few more weeks to find out.


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