ALL TOGETHER NOW REPORT AND WINNER / Listening in growth with Gregorio Rega


The final recorded an increasing number of pieces for the music show All together now. The program, led by Michelle Hunziker, was followed by 2,710,000 spectators, representing a 19.12% stake (4 minutes After Show: 924,000 – 4.36%), thus beating the replica of Don Matteo 11, transmitted by Raiuno . An important result for the Mediaset networks which, after closing a triumphant season for the programs of Barbara D? Bear, can be considered satisfied by the results achieved by the first edition of All Together Now. The credit certainly goes to the working-up singer-workers who have won the hearts of the public first with personal stories and then with the voice. Many extraordinary talents tried to win the trust of the wall. Above all, that of Gregorio Rega who took home the victory and the prize of 50 thousand euros (update of Stella Dibenedetto).

Thank you from Dennis Fantina

While Gregorio Rega you can enjoy the victory, the compliments and the affection of the followers, Dennis Fantina thank you all for the support you are receiving. Despite the defeat, the singer considers the experience lived in All together now Gorgeous, and that left something important. Like all viewers, Dennis also saw the episode, but not alone. As he explains in a video posted on Instagram, in fact, not to be sad, he saw the final of the musical game show with his work group with which he is performing his new musical projects. So for Dennis, music is still a part of his life. While waiting to share everything with people who have always followed and supported him, Dennis writes, "Thank you all … really! A closeness I did not really expect!". So, in a few months, will Fantina return with a new song? Click here to watch the video (updated by Stella Dibenedetto).

Michelle Hunziker enchants

The All Together Now final was the night of Michelle Hunziker and Gregorio Rega. After participating in The Voice of Italy on the J-Ax team and touring Italy as Noemi's lead singer, Gregorio charmed everyone with his beautiful voice and the other finalists could not do anything but bow to his talent. However, another great winner of the All Together Now final was definitely Michelle Hunziker, who charmed the audience with her strong sympathy but also for her wonderful outfi. The blonde dancer chose to say goodbye to the public wearing a fuchsia outfit, a color also used in previous episodes and made up of long-legged elephant trousers and a broad-shouldered jacket. Look completed by a particular hairstyle: the hair, in fact, was gathered in different braids, enclosed in an elegant coke (updated by Stella Dibenedetto).

Gregorio Rega won the All Together Now final

Gregorio Rega flies over our newsletters with the song "Ancora". Beautiful the decisive challenge with the talented Veronica Liberti, forced to surrender just one step from the finish line. But last night has much more to tell, from the awareness of Michelle Hunziker, who led one of the television show's revelation programs. Finale of All Together Now also enhanced by luxury guests, including Renato Zero. Marvelous her medley, preceded by the performances of Nek, Ron and Al Bano. But if the queen is Michelle Hunziker, the king can only be J-AX, in tears at the end of the episode to the conclusion of a program that apparently enriched him greatly both from the human and professional point of view.

All Together Now, the final performances

One more beautiful challenge than the other. The walk to the end of All together now It began with clamorous eliminations, like that of Dennis Fantina (ex Amici), ridiculed by the tension and, above all, by the devastating Luca Di Stefano. Martina Maggi was able to win 100 points in her only performance, while Gregorio Rega rocked the entire Cinecittà with a wonderful rendition of "Yes, I Know My Way" by Pino Daniele. And at the end of the night it was he who put his hands on the fifty thousand euros of the prize, sweeping the dreams of Veronica Liberti, who wanted to invest part of the profits to treat his beloved horses. Among the most beautiful moments of the evening also Carlo Paradisone's wedding proposal to his campaign of Antonia, who obviously said yes.

All together now, end with marriage proposal

Carlo Paradisone will not easily forget the end of All together now. Despite being eliminated by Veronica Liberarti, she finally decided to expose herself to the girlfriend with an official marriage proposal. A scene almost like a film: the Neapolitan singer knelt before Antonia, accompanied by a loud applause, he got the decisive yes. Meanwhile, the legendary Al Bano comforted Liberati with an important announcement: "You can come to me, pick a horse and take it home." Of course, the Apulian artist was very impressed with Veronica's tearful story and the happy ending was despite the failed final victory. An honorable gesture of Al Bano, also with Renato Zero, one of the most appreciated guests.



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