Alessia Marcuzzi and her island sunk by Il Nome della Rosa, Barbara D "Bear smashes live life


Who will triumph between Rai Uno and Canale 5?

O listen tv of yesterday, Monday, March 18, 2019 are concentrated in particular on the first night of the two main broadcasters, namely Rai Uno and Canale 5. In the first public television network a new episode of the fiction was broadcast The name of the Rose.

While a new appointment was broadcast on Mediaset's core network The island of the famous 14, the reality show led by Alessia Marcuzzi and Alda D & Eusanio and Alba Parietti as columnists. Eyes also on prime time access and in the afternoon with Barbara D 'Bear. To know all the data Auditel we advise you to read the entire article.

The early evening TV shows on Monday, March 18, 2019

In Rai Uno the third episode of fiction The name of the Rose attracted 3,894,000 viewers, representing a 16.7% share. Channel 5 – from 21.43 to 1.12 – the tenth episode of The island of the famous 14 gathered 2.827.000 spectators in front of the video, representing a participation of 17.3%. Rai Due Made in Sud involved 2,030,000 viewers, representing a 9.9% stake. Italy 1 John Wick – Chapter 2 entertained 1,379,000 spectators (6.5%).

Rai Tre the return of the Report obtained 1,644,000 spectators equal to 6,9% (10 minutes of presentation: 1,262,000 – 4.8%. Fourth Republic totals one of the morning of 685,000 spectators with a share of 3.6%. The series La7 the Grays Anatomy 14 recorded 811,000 spectators with a participation of 3.3%. TV8 Skyfall obtained 565,000 spectators with 2.8%. In Nove, the premiere of Cucine of Incubo 7 reached 560,000 spectators with a participation of 2.2%.

The primetime hours classifications on Monday, March 18, 2019

No Rai Uno Unknown Usual – The Return receives 5.088.000 spectators with 19.2%. Channel 5 The Strip News recorded an average of 5,246,000 spectators with a participation of 19.8%. The Rai Due TG2 Post scored 1,183,000 with 4.4%. Italy 1 CSI recorded 1.263.000 spectators with 4.8%. Rai Tre I do not have the age collects 1,802,000 spectators with 7.1% while the soap A place in the sun attracted 2.045.000 spectators equal to 7.7%.

Network 4 Italy tonight brought together 1,117,000 listeners (4.4%) in the first part and 974,000 spectators (3.6%) in the second part. LA7 Eight and a half involved 1,849,000 spectators (7%). Tv8 Guess My Age – Guess the age entreteve 584.000 spectators with 2.2%. In the nine Boom! collected 375,000 viewers with 1.4%.


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