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Albertini: 'Milan, odda dalla Juve' | Primapagina

Demetrio Albertini dice south Milan. For example, the Rossoner centrocampista has a dichiarate in a Tuttosport: "Gazidis is right there with Elliott saves the Milan dalla Serie D? che non ho capito bene probably in a moment of sportive difficulty there is volute spostare and riflettori your economic consideration ".

GIAMPAOLO – "Da fuori is always difficult giudicare. At that moment I arrested Giampaolo and thought of a certain type of allenatore I should give time. And that is part of your sleep because you will think about imposing a certain method of deprivation. For his sleep, he was troubled by the front, with a different realm as to how he looked and thoughtlessly changed. When he saw an allenatore, he looked at a device, it was a tutti background. Perché, when programmed a course, bisogna fare tutto is possible to follow. Evidently with Giampaolo sleep sorti problemi non erano stati messi preventivo, cui pero non sleep conoscenza, hanno costretto il Milan a cambiare. This is what I can say for the non-tenant student Gattuso alla fine dell'ultima stagione: per rispondere bisogna essere within the situazioni, altrimenti gli argomenti si trattano con superficialità. And with 'if' and with 'ma' in calcio non si va from our part ".

PIOLI – "There is an expectation in the saper gestire and momentum negativi. But my august the squad can receive in time the speed that the può will give a new allenatore perché the problem of the summer oggi sleep and the point of the distance to the Milan with the important zone of the classification ".

MALDINI AND BOBAN – "I read with us eat calciatori and eat persone ma un po 'meno eat dirigenti perché sleep giovani anche loro. But just as Lavorano and who will vorobbero per il Milan: for this individual loro per giusto per raggiungere certi obiettivi. In the sport ogni comes back to you rimetti in discussion and the giudizio is south lavoro che stai I do and I eat the trasmetti all'esterno: stiamo parlando di due persone che tutti sanno regarding bene vogliano al Milan, poi vedremo nei risultati ea faranno le cose ".

OBIETTIVE – "The problem with Milan is the year before it starts from scratch and not how much it is costruito l'anno cousin. Però the Milan non può will think to live all the giornata: it must always note an objective and it must always be the mass. Perché solo così si rises ad andare oltre quelle che sleep le conoscenze dei calciatori presenti in pink. Add all Champions zone to the bottom to do the job in Milan: raggiungerla sarebbe a mahogany, but non-riesco thinking about a goal different from a post the first four, in order to manage a momentum difficoltà perché non l'hai raggiunto ".

SAN SIRO – "The emotional point of view is sadness"But the leader has a conviction that she does not check her own prospective story. San Siro is the story, but the typhoid has the distinction of the different. Non sleep, no architetto, no engegnere: the stage, così com'è, non può essere a modern house by Milan and Inter. Mother, if she could, piacerebbe che il Meazza venisse ristrutturato. The question perché the sense of appartenenza will make the thin all the death. I will see the fortune of this growing man in Milan and of his participation in the beginning of the blaugran cycle and the creed of the abiding leader of the value of the appeal of his squad. "

EAT LA JUVE – "Questa é stata the key to how much fat the youth has neglected last time: a modern divisive society keeping an incredible sense of appartenenza. Nonetheless a progetto is iniziato arresting so much italiani. Anche il Milan dovrebbe fare così and I will discuss it al di là I gave the director che ci sono oggi ".

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