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"Alarmist attitude I don't share"

"This administration fully relies on the road map of the University of Bologna." Forlì Mayor Gian Luca Zattini thus responds to "Forlì & co" exponent Giorgio Calderoni about his speech at the City Council while commenting on the project for the establishment of an undergraduate degree in Medicine and Surgery at Alma Mater in the mercurial city. For the former prime minister candidate, this is "a choice that looks not to the future but to the past 30 years, which is to consolidate the monopoly of Bologna for the next 15 years." Words that caused a break in the center left with Secretary dem Daniele Valbonesi, who reiterated the line maintained by previous administrations.

Zattini details: "With regard to the technical aspects of accounting and legal issues legitimately raised by Counselor Calderoni, I would like to reassure you that this board is acting in full harmony with Alma Mater's leaders to dispel possible repercussions in the face of administrative responsibilities. We will do everything necessary to verify the cross-sectional viability of this project. "

"In any case, I believe there is no doubt about the nature and potential of the operation – continues the first citizen – the beginning of the medical and surgical course represents an unmissable opportunity for our territory and if along the way difficulties would arise from their establishment, it is our duty to do everything possible to eliminate them in the interest not only of Forlì, but of all Romagna. "

"This is why I respect Councilor Calderoni's alarmist attitude, but I absolutely do not agree with him – he attacks – because in the face of this challenge, which is above all a great opportunity for growth, it is our duty to get around political conflicts and change in unison, demonstrating the sharing of intentions and putting the advantages of the community ahead of the individual. I hope that the coming months will see us all on the same side, involved in the realization of a dream that will make Forlì a university city to the nth degree. "

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