Aifa withdraws 8 antibiotics at risk from pharmacies


"There are no more commonly available antibiotics in pharmacies" containing fluoroquinolones and quinolones and for which the Italian drug agency (AIFA) had recently withdrawn from the market due to the risk of serious side effects. The same Aifa confirms this. This particularly relates to 8 antibiotics in capsules for oral use: Urocinox, Eg Pipemidic Acid, Diperpen, Uropimid, Pipram, Urotractin (235.63 mg capsule), Urotractine (471.25 mg capsule), Pipermid. On April 8, AIFA issued a "Notice of Important Information" to physicians regarding "quinolone and fluoroquinolone antibiotics for systemic and inhaled use" for "risk of disabling, long-lasting and potentially permanent side effects." Health professionals have been advised to alert patients to discontinue treatment with a fluoroquinolone antibiotic at the first sign of an adverse effect involving muscles, tendons, or bones (such as inflamed or torn tendons, muscle pain or weakness, and joint pain or swelling), or the nervous system (such as tingling, fatigue, depression, confusion, suicidal thoughts, sleep disturbances, vision and hearing problems, and changes in taste and smell). Impressions of fluoroquinolones, prior to AIFA, "have long reported that adverse reactions, such as tendon rupture, may also occur several months after discontinuation of treatment" (ANSA).



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