Sunday , April 18 2021

after the PS experience, Sony will also miss the E3 2019 [Aggiornata]

update: Sony released to Game Informer editors who will not participate in E3 2019: the company has hinted that instead it will hold a separate event entirely dedicated to games on PlayStation. "We are looking for innovative and more intimate ways to engage the community by 2019, and we look forward to telling you what we are preparing", we read of official statements. The following is the original news.

Following the resignation of PlayStation Experience this year, a new rumor is circulating on the web that would be incredible for the future of Sony. According to a post on reddit, the Japanese company has already decided not to attend theE3 2019.

With the arrival of the PS Experience, Sony he openly agreed that he did not have enough meat to justify an important event at the time. It is possible that the situation will not change until next summer, so that you have already decided to skip a fundamental event such as theE3? Many are convinced that the company will take advantage of the opportunity offered by the Los Angeles fair to present the PlayStation 5, but this new rumor may give rise to some doubts in the minds of fans.
There are also to consider the possibility that some emblematic games of the line-up PS4, including Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, may not come out in the first half of 2019: in this case, their presence in theE3 2019 in Sony.

The original post published on reddit, which still gave an imminent announcement of the official announcement Sony, has been canceled and, unfortunately, we can not check momentarily the veracity of the information that has arisen. For this reason, we invite you to receive the news with the maximum prudence, until the arrival of any confirmations or refusals.

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