a very rare case, was a disease of seamen in the Middle Ages


A very rare case of scurvy, a disease believed to have been completely eradicated, was recorded in Rimini, where a 5-year-old boy had typical symptoms of the disease that in the Middle Ages mainly affected seamen because they could not eat fruit and Fresh vegetables for long periods. This has caused very serious deficiencies of vitamins, especially C, and can be fatal.

The child was treated by the pediatric doctors of the hospital of Rimini and tell the story is the father in an interview with the local edition of the rest of Carlino. The first symptoms appeared in November and then returned in March after the baby contracted chickenpox. The child, the father specifies, was not vaccinated because "since an autoimmune disease was also suspected, we were told that it was better to wait to understand something else before proceeding with the vaccine."

Hence, other tests and, finally, a clue, the selectivity with the child's food that completely excluded fruits and vegetables, and this led to the diagnosis: scurvy. The child was then treated and dismissed yesterday. "The child," said the father, "is very selective about food, eats very few things despite our constant struggle to make him eat more." Then the doctor realized that there could be a tremendous vitamin C deficiency. injecting in massive doses and meanwhile the results of the blood tests to identify the disease that gave positive results to scurvy have arrived. "It now looks good and looks better."

"It was always good," said his father, Andrea, 33, an entrepreneur – but last November a large bruise appeared on one leg, so he stopped walking in pain and was seated. -We're back for a check but if it continues this way it is safe.Thanks to these very good doctors we will never fail to thank you.thanks.


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