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"A tax to use money in safes" –


Matteo Salvini points to a hasty way of raising revenue: a "fiscal peace" in the money that Italians have in their coffers. "They tell me that there are hundreds of billions in safeties, firm – says the League leader and vice premier, speaking at Door to Door – we could put them in the investment circuit. We could charge a tax and give back the right to use "Words that are enough because the pd, from the mouth of Luigi Marattin, talks about the announcement of a new asset. It is not a very new idea, that of Salvini intervene on the wealth locked in safes of banks, which, according to some estimates, comes close to 200 billion euros.

Gentiloni's government had already thought of a "voluntary disclosure" of money or bearer securities sealed in securities at a rate of 35 percent. And the same League, a year ago, revived the idea, but speaking of a lower rate, between 15 and 20%. However, Milan's chief prosecutor, Francesco Greco, has already explained in 2016 that it is almost always a question of sums "of illicit origin."

The more traditional, however, the [/BASE][BASE]a secret card from Economy Minister Giovanni Tria to persuade Europe to give up the infringement proceedings: electronic invoicing and scrapping. But it will not be easy. The Economy Minister, who intervened yesterday in the Chamber, intends to reduce this year's GDP deficit, released to 2.4%, by at least 0.2 to fall to 2.1-2.2% from 3.6 to 5 , 4 billion. Where to find them? The idea is to succeed without a bis maneuver: the minister spoke of "higher tax and non-tax revenue" in the first part of the year and said he would provide more up-to-date estimates by the end of July.

In the vaults of Lugano, the last Fort Knox of Italian evasors

His words were filled with content by the general manager of the Revenue Agency, Antonino Maggiore, who was also in the Senate hearing. He was optimistic about the operation of the "fiscal peace", in fact a growing amnesty, composed of dismantling and "balance and low." The membership numbers are in line with expectations: a total of 1.5 million contributors. 9.4 million folders were discarded for 21.1 billion (in the first scrap, there were 9.5 million folders to 27.7 billion, 4.5 million in folders, 13.9 billion). The main reason for participation is the 5 year installment instead of about a year for the previous and the lower interest rates. However, the figure who counts, as Major himself remarked, is how many will actually pay after joining on July 31.

Based on past experience, remembered by Maggiore, only 46-47% of the first-time adherents, because many only participate to block foreclosures. Presumably, there will be 9 to 10 billion, slightly more than predicted by the technical report of the amnesty provision. Will they be used for public finances? Not much. First, because the collections will arrive in five years, that is, in the time provided by the long plots, and then because the resources from the occasional amnesties are already covering other measures.

However, Maggiore provided another important information to Parliament: VAT revenues, thanks to electronic invoicing, provided another 1.8 billion in the first five months of the year. Thus, slippery terrain with the accounts in the balance, the infringement process started and the economy with flat growth. Scratching the bottom of the barrel, as Tria recalled yesterday, the unused resources resulting from the two flag measures for which the yellow-fighters fought last fall are also back.

1.2 billion will be saved, Tria said: if they are not subtracted from other measures, they can reduce the deficit. Returning to fiscal peace, the League rejoices at the total value of 38.2 billion signatures. However, this figure is gross: it is $ 29.5 billion (down to 21.1 million state aid amnesties). The "balance and withdrawal", the amnesty that is paid by income brackets with the ISEE, has to be considered: the membership value is 8.7 billion, but even then it drops to 6.5 if the sanctions are removed. Total: 21.1 plus 6.5 is 27.6. How much was the equivalent of the first dismantling, which grossed 8.2 billion.

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