A new study says that "Oumuamua can be an alien object


Diummum has been speaking since last November. The first interstellar object already observed was defined. Its artificial origin, subsequently denied, has been hypothesized, even though no one has been able to accurately frame it (it is not in the strict sense of a comet or an asteroid). Now, an article published by a group of researchers from the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics makes it possible to re-hypothesize that it may be an artificial object.

"Oumuamua may be a test intentionally sent near Earth by an alien civilization," the paper says, "if it were an artificial object, it could also be a solar candle floating in space like a fragment of an advanced technological apparatus." ", Write the researchers, raising the hypothesis that the object can be pushed by solar radiation.

An elaboration by NASA of & quot; Oumuamua

One of the mysteries related to & quot; Oumuamua is in fact its excessive speed. According to astronomers, the unusual trajectory and its acceleration could be explained by the fact that the object is no longer operational. Similar sized solar sails, scientists add, were also designed or built by our civilization: the Japanese IKAROS spacecraft.


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