9 things about the latest episode of Game of Thrones


Monday also aired in Italy "The Last of the Starks," the fourth episode of the eighth and final season of game of Thrones. It was obviously not as dense as the previous one, the Battle of Winterfell, and it seemed more of a buffer between the two great events that everyone expects this season: the war of the living against the dead, which we have already seen, and that of the rest against Cersei, whom we will see soon. We collected nine things about the episode, obviously full of spoilers.

Only two episodes are missing at the end, each lasting about 80 minutes: that is, there are still less than three hours game of Thronesthen it is enough.

to recap

The episode begins with many piles of dead bodies: those killed in the Battle of Winterfell, including those – like Lyanna Mormont – who died, became undead and then died dead after the King's murder. After they remembered and burned, good people moved into the refreshment area, where a large banquet was arranged with seating designed to create complex patterns of appearance. Daenerys immediately named Gendry Lord of the Storm Lands: these are those traditionally ruled by the Baratheon, in the south-east of Westeros. For it is not clear why, then, from a dialogue with Tyrion, we understand that he wants to win his loyalty and his new kingdom. Gendry's sketches, then, seem to understand the breakup of the career he has just had and proposes Arya to move in with him: the answer is predictable.

In the dining room, however, the stares are tense and insistent. Sansa seems suspicious Daenerys, Daenerys looks envious Jon Snow, Bran seems surprised with who cares about something that is not space-time travel. Tyrion, Pod, Jaime and Brienne play alcohol, at least until Tyrion destroys it by asking Brienne if she is still a virgin. She leaves, but Jaime joins her and they finally have sex with a delay of several seasons. Tormud is upset, but shows an excellent grasp of the concept of consensus and accompanies a girl who really wants to be with him, at least that night.

Jon and Daenerys face the elephant in the room: he wants to give up the throne, but he does not want to keep the secret with his sisters. Daenerys asks him not to say anything to anyone, but he seems immediately unconvinced. Before leaving Wintersay headed to Porto Real for the final siege of Cersei, he reveals to Arya and Sansa who he really is. In a few hours, the greatest secret of all the Westeros – effectively guarded for two decades by Ned Stark, at the cost of a marital crisis – is no longer a secret and becomes "information": Sansa tells Tyrion, who tells Varys.

In Roccia del Drago, the good fleet is attacked by Euron Greyjoy, who in a surprisingly short time knocks down one of Daenerys' dragons, destroys all ships and kidnaps Missandei. Tyrion and Varys argue over whether it is appropriate to betray Daenerys and choose Jon Snow. Jaime breaks the heart of Brianne and all those who believed in his redemption riding towards Porto Real, apparently for Cersei. With a dash of time, more or less everyone is in the Approdo del Re, where a delegation of good will negotiate with Cersei. Both sides want the unconditional surrender of their opponents, but in fact Cersei seems to have more right to ask for it, having just defeated the opposing fleet and have taken Missandei as a prisoner, which in fact to the failure of the negotiations is beheaded by Mountain .

Has Jaime gone back to what he was before?

After a very popular story arc that saw him start off with the bad brother of the very bad queen and become one of the most beloved characters of game of ThronesJaime apparently threw everything down while planting Brienne and returned to King's Landing, after discovering that Daenerys's fleet was destroyed in Roccia del Drago and motivates his choice to Brienne claiming to be a despicable person. , who did all sorts of things reprehensible to Cersei.

It is unclear, however, exactly why it comes out: from his speech, he seems to want to help Cersei, but this does not explain why he decided after learning about the battle won by his sister. The talk about the terrible things he did, on the contrary, may have been a list of things he wants to fix going to help Daenerys. Not to mention that Jaime had recently discovered that Cersei wanted him to be killed by Bronn. Maybe he wants to go and help Daenerys with his close knowledge of Cersei and the capital. Or he wants to take advantage of the fact that he will probably be able to approach Cersei: there is always that prophecy of Valonqar, with which a witch foresaw for a very young Cersei that she would be killed by her younger brother (and Jaime, though being his twin, was born second).

Who is better placed between Cersei and Daenerys?

After the huge losses of the Battle of Winterfell, Daenerys' advisers say that the two fronts are more or less paired from the point of view of the forces. But that was before Euron Greyjoy easily destroyed Daenerys's fleet, and just as easily he overthrew the Rhaegal dragon. Wanting to make a point:

Cersei: the Gold Company brought about 20,000 men, without elephants and, in addition, has the Greyjoy Iron Fleet. Cersei then equipped himself with a powerful anti-aircraft, in the form of many huge revolving beasts with which it is seemingly very easy to kill a dragon. Cersei brought thousands of civilians to the Red Fortress, announcing that they wanted to protect them, but actually used them as a human shield against the siege of Daenerys.

Daenerys: the Dothraki were almost completely killed in that first reckless frontal attack on the undead; the Immaculate suffered great losses, but they are still there; then there are the men from the North who fought in Winterfell and, against Sansa's will, were taken to fight at King's Landing without even time to rest. It is possible, however, between Jon Snow, Ser Davos, Tyrion and Yara Greyjoy to be able to recover other soldiers among the various houses of the Seven Kingdoms that are more friendly than Cersei: Dorne, for example, where they are still very angry with the Lannisters.

The "supervision" of Tyrion

While under the walls of King's Landing he asks his sister to surrender, Tyrion quotes the son of Cersei, who has just made Euron believe that his father is him (when he should be Jaime). We do not even know if she is really pregnant, but if Euron is awake a tenth of how good he is at reaching targets in flight with giant beasts, he will realize that something is not right. Tyrion, who had been in the North during all this time, should have known no conception: someone suggested, therefore, that Euron could unmask Cersei's fraud. In all of this, we do not even know if she's really pregnant, and she might very well be a fake clue: but it was not an episode full of fan theories and two weeks time and you're going to miss all those speculations, complain

Where are Arya and the Mastiff going?

It is not said but both have a large pending account in Porto Real, Arya must kill the first one on her list of people she wants to kill. After all, in the last episode, Lady Melisandre had said that she would have closed "brown, blue, green eyes": we overcame the first two and guess who has green eyes? The Mastiff, instead, wants to kill his zombie brother, with whom he has never had a handsome relationship: the Montagna duel, the so-called "Cleganebowl", is one of the things that fans are expecting with the most fear.

That glass

"Daenerys Targaryen, the first of her name, queen of the Andals and First Men, queen of the Seven Kingdoms, protector of the Kingdom, khaleesi of the Great Sea of ​​Grass, the unburnt, mother of Dragons, chain-destroyer and milk-drinker of pumpkin ".

It was hard to tell if you knew nothing, but in fact it was clearly visible: during the banquet scene, in front of Daenerys you can clearly see a plastic cup, like those at Starbucks. It just seems like someone forgot about it there. After the episode was shown, the producer of game of Thrones Bernie Caulfield apologized for the error, joking that Starbucks now has to send money into production. On Twitter, Starbucks asked why he had not taken a "Dragon Drink".

But talking to TMZ, the art director of game of Thrones Hauke ​​Richter said the offensive was not a glass of Starbucks, but a local cafe where they were filming: Bainbridge, Ireland.

Missadei, killed in great secrecy

The scene outside the walls of Porto Real was filmed in a great external scenery with a huge reproduction of the walls of the citadel. For practical reasons, however, closes with Cersei and the others above the walls were shot down, so that the actors stay a few inches off the ground and avoid getting them back ten feet high, explains the documentary on the subject. episode posted on YouTube. But there was another reason: if they had filmed the scene of the beheading of Missandei on the walls, it is likely that someone off the set would have seen, and that information would have leaked. The actress Nathalie Emmanuel was then filmed separately, in front of green screens, and then added in post-production: the explanation comes after 13.30 minutes.

The last metalupo

Among the different goodbye of this episode, there is one that has dissatisfied many fans: Jon Snow leaves his metalupo ghost for Tormud, to take him past the Barrier, and he will not even caress him to greet him. He was the last werewolf in the Stark family, and during the series he accompanied Jon to the Black Castle and beyond the Barrier, before watching his body at that time, when he was dead and participating in the Battle of Winterfell.

As for the other daggers: NymeriaArya became a wild wolf after Arya escaped from Cersei in the first season; property, the metalupo of Bran, dies defending it of the undead in the cave of Corvo with the Three Eyes, in the sixth season; Cagnaccio, Rickon's metalupo, is killed by Umber who carries his head to Ramsey Bolton; Gray WindRobb's metalupo is also beheaded during the Red Wedding; MrsSansa's metalupo was finally killed by Cersei in the first season.

The trailer for the next episode

It does not reveal much except that there is the second battle at stake and that Euron is very upset about something coming from above.


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