5 Stars in the League: 100 is temporary


"If there is ever a recession, we will ensure the weakest segments." Now that the January forecast has come true, Luigi Di Maio and the M5S try to change the record and study how to reformulate the two flag measures in order to avoid running out of all available measures. But if in the Income accounts are made to try to tighten the public to the maximum, in Quota100 the pentastellado drawing is more radical and goes through a substantial stop in the measure for the next year.

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The quota 100, the new launches / emergency blocks, the office exodus causes Rome to collapse

Yesterday the other in the Palazzo Chigi of this, and how to revive the export, discussed the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the Minister of Economic Development Di Maio. Together, the two also obviously talked about Def that Minister Tria will take to the Council of Ministers on Tuesday night. After weeks of discussing pensions and social income, it may be surprising to hear Di Maio worry about the problems of exporting companies, even though the signs of recovery of realism have begun to be felt in all research institutes – not just the Bank's of Italy – they have given Italy growth close to zero. In essence, the government recognizes that the impact on the growth of the two measures is very relative and that if one effect produced it, it was to scare investors, worry about Brussels and irritate those in Europe who do not share this in Italy. retirement at age 58.
Now that Minister Tria promises a kind of truth of operation over the state of the public purse, Conte and Di Maio wonder how to cushion the impact by preventing numbers from directly affecting credibility and percentages of major parties.
Once again, it is expected to force the MEF forecasts hand, raising the estimates of growth to 0.4-0.5%, in order to bring Italy closer to other European countries that suffer from the slowdown of the international economy. and also be able to take advantage of the two billion frozen in December and that should be left in the refrigerator for the European Union. Immediately questioning Quota 100, revisiting the definition of "transitional rule" that even in December the same Minister Tria used to explain to the Commission, the three years of validity mean, however, to trigger a confrontation with the League. Yesterday in Cernobbio the thumb for the pension measure facing the League was unanimous, with the deputy minister of the Carroccio Massimo Garavaglia forced to defend the measure against the assault of businessmen.
The pentastellata distancing from pension reform, as well as looking at the Def and the next budget law, however, also aims at a repositioning of the M5S that aims to constrain the Carroccio with respect to this world of business and VAT numbers which has always represented the hard core of the League's constituency. The critics at 100? "This is probably a bit scary. It is a transitional measure that was necessary and now we see the effects, "explained Deputy Minister of Economy Laura Castelli, on the sidelines of the Sum event, told Ivrea yesterday.

A transitoriness of three years, however, is very expensive for young taxpayers, who will have to shoulder the burden well beyond 2021 and which the M5S considers a "useless drain" shared only in exchange for income. Now, however, that growth forecasts are well below 1%, and a selective increase in VAT is likely, if not a corrective maneuver in the fall, for grillini it is difficult to continue to "give" early retirement.
Despite the exhortations to the prudence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the difficult situation of our economy turns even more to the confrontation M5S-Lega. A pitched battle where hardly a winner will leave.

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