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Pamela Prati

Pamplona To Verissimo

Today Verissimo, Pamela Prati to the resounding din of the media that arose around his marriage to Marco Caltagirone. The soubrette a Silvia Toffanin he confessed how all this gratuitous rage against him is making her suffer a lot.

"Enough, enough, I'm strong but I'm also fragile, they're making us pass each one,"

the woman said to the maestro of the engraving of Canale 5. Then the woman said that her wedding would be and yes will take place on May 8:

"It will be a religious marriage, I will marry before God because I am very Catholic."

Silvia Toffanin is nervous about her guest: this is why

La Prati, however, counted very little identity of her future husband, the only one that came out of her mouth is yes is going to marry in the church and the garment shall be of ivory, and shall wear the veil. The presenter asked several questions, but the guest did not respond or changed the subject.

At this point, Silvia also lost patience telling what she did in her transmission. Silvia Toffanin asked whether the reason for the confidentiality of his future bride, or that there are no videos and photos showing his face, is due to the exclusivity granted to very true. At this point, Pamela replied:

Marco Caltagirone, his name is not Mark, he is 54 years old, very reserved and shy.We chose to show us together only for Verissimo on the wedding day.I confirm that only Verissimo will enter our marriage with his cameras and there you finally find my other half. "

Despite the numerous attacks that the accused had invented to make people talk about him, he said that Marco Caltagirone he is very private due to the situation that has arisen. Instead, she professes sincere because he is absolutely telling the truth. For this reason, to protect herself and her future spouse, she decided to report them all trusting the famous lawyer. Carlo Taormina.


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