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2 About Michelle Carter suddenly comes back to get the weight. Davide Re and Ayomide Folorunso alla caccia della finale – OA Sport

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16.12 Directly qualifies all the finals of the Belarusian weight Aliona Dubitskaya with its use 18.51.

16.09 The Kateřina ceca Cachova vince the cousin batteria gave 110 ostacoli dell'eptatlhon with the time of 13 ″ 47 conquering 1055 punti

16.07 Partenza fake della Belgian Maudens.

16.04 We get the weight of another athlete from USA Chase Ealey si piazzata momentarily in seconde position with 17.90, terza la Britannica Sophie Mckinna with 17.74.

16.01 A brief inizieranno anche le gare dell'Eptathlon con i 100 metri ostacoli.

15.59 At some point in the test of the qualification of the American weight Michelle Carter with the last 18.85, ricordiating with the mix and giving direct access to the finale is 18.40.

15.57 In Groupo Athlete's Pedal The weight gets.

15.55 The Cannery Warner has an ankle forehead to classify parziale (1011 punti), as seen as 100 metri stati sleep the first proof of decathlon. In the second square of the Lepage (1008 points) and in the third position Mayer (975 points).

15.52 Come on ahead with the damn speed Damian Warner welcomes you to the third battery with 10 ″ 35.

15.48 In second position on Tedesco Kai Kazmirek (10 ″ 82) and terse Devon Williams (10 ″ 84).

15.46 Il polacco Damian Warner has conquered the second batter of 100 meters with the time of 10 ″ 76.

15.42 Il canadese Damian Warner is the migrant of the lotto of the decathlet in a 100 meter with a person of 10 ″ 12 and will be impregnated in the third and last batter.

15.39 According to her first batteria I gave 100 meters of the decanlon of the giovanissimo Ilya Sjkurneyov (11'02). In terza posizione l'other rappresentante dell'Estonia Maicel Uibo (11 ″ 10).

15.36 L'estone Janek Igliglane conquer the first batteria with the time of 10 ”94 carrying the house 874 punti.

15.33 Atleti già in runway for the last operation of the risk.

15.31 Adopt the most recent program with the decathlon track as well as 100 meters at least five minutes later.

15.27 Hassane Fofana disputes it 19.05 the semifinale of the 110 ostacoli lies Ayomide Folorunso and Yadisleidy Pedroso runanno 400 ostacoli alle 20.05.

15.23 Great match for the semifinale of the 400 meters by the trajectory Davide Re is the seminar in a large way on the batterie.

15.20 The cousin arrives at the pedigree by Daisy Osakue in the qualification of the female discus throw 17.00.

15.18 There is a great interest for the senior citizen. At home Italia saranno cinque gli atleti impegnati: Daisy Osakue, Hassane Fofana, Davide Re, Ayomide Folorunso and Yadisleidy Pedroso.

15.15 Buon pomeriggio agli appassionati di athletica leggera. I am ready for the siesta giornata di Gare Mondiali in the course of the return to Doha.

The presentation of the gare of the OggiThe Oggi ProgramGli italiani in gara oggi

Buongiorno and benvenuti alla DIRECT LIVE Mondiali 2019 of the athletic leggera, oggi mercoledì 2 ottobre. It proceeds from the iridata to Doha (capital of Qatar), as a result of an intense giornata dove l'Italia si gioca alcune carte importanti: Davide Re sarà impegnato in the semifinali I gave 400 metri, the ligure there is the card in the race to divent the next cousin to qualify all the conclusive south turning of the track; Daisy Osakue cercherà of spedire on her disc and possible lontano per accedere alla finale; da non perdere Ayomide Folorunso and Yadisleidy Pedroso in the semifinali gave 400 metri ostacoli.

Serata si assertinno tre titoli: The British Dina Asher-Smith is the big favorite sui 200 meter and non sembra vere delle rivali, il polacco Pawel Fajdek insists on fourth consecutive iridate title at martial's launch, giamaicano Omar McLeod is the battere sui 110 ostacoli But the Mondo Campione must report to the Russian Shubenkov, the Frenchman Martinot-Lagarde, and all the Spagnolo Ortega.

The Sport saw propelled the LIVE LIVE Mondiali 2019 of the athletic leggera, oggi mercoledì 2 ottobre: ​​cronaca in real time, minute by minute, gara dopo gara, per non perdersi davvero nulla. If you started it at 15.30. Buon fun to tutti.

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Photo: FIDAL / Colombo

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