Zach Roloff is distancing himself from his parents Matt and Amy Roloff?


A new season of Little people, big world is back – and we are all ready to see what the Roloff family is doing next. Of certain key members of the family leaving the show completely for Matt and Amy Roloff's divorce, a ton has changed over the years. And now that Zach Roloff is all grown up, married and having children, it seems that his relationship with his parents Matt and Amy may be starting to change as well.

Recently, Zach mentioned some disturbing details about the program – and some may be wondering if it means that he will be slowly distancing himself from his family in the future. See what is happening and what we think.

Zach Roloff expressed annoyance over the drama between Matt and Amy

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff
Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff | Stock photo Peter Kramer / NBC / NBCU via Getty Images

Matt and Amy Roloff apparently had a happy marriage for nearly three decades – but after the divorce, fans noticed a ton of tension between them. The two manage Roloff Farms and live on the property of the family business. And so far this season, we've heard Matt and Amy discuss the possibility of selling the beloved farm so they can get out of the breakup and finally find peace.

Unfortunately, all the talk about what will happen to the farm seems to be knocking down Zach Roloff. PopCulture notes that he said during the episode: "The farm has drama attached to it, and my mom and dad are drama. I have learned that as I get older, it can be very emotionally draining to get involved in your roller coaster. "And while he mentioned in the past that he would be very sad to see the farm go (it was a crucial point). part of his childhood), he now seems to have finished conversations about the fate of the estate. As he said, "I do not want to be caught in the middle of it. It's their business.

Zach and his wife, Tori, may think they want to raise their offspring

Fans love Jackson Roloff, son of Zach who he shares with his wife Tori Roloff. Jackson has the same kind of dwarfism that Zach does, and People reports on the last episode of the show, Zach and Tori were encouraging baby Jackson to start walking. "Jackson is like a completely different baby than me. It's so much fun watching your child move forward and learn something new, "Zach notes. "Jackson is killing, being a dwarf and all. He is just doing his job, developing well and reaching all his milestones. "

Now that Jackson is approaching his second birthday, we are wondering if Zach and Tori have any doubts about being in another season of the show. We can not forget that Zach's twin, Jeremy, has chosen to leave the show after his daughter was born, and we rarely see the other children of Roloff, Jacob or Molly as well. Zach is the only member of the family besides Matt and Amy, who remains a central player on the screen – and maybe the drama with his parents, as well as his aging child, is enough for him to change his mind.

Will Zach distance himself? It seems unlikely

Even with the drama of Matt and Amy and their son growing rapidly, we doubt that Zach really leaves. Little people, big world or distance yourself from your parents altogether. Zach may have his complaints about the drama of his parents, but at the end of the day, he still seems incredibly close to them. Matt recently posted a picture of Jackson to Instagram and noted that he spent "every day" with his grandson. And Amy also noticed that recently she went to the house of Zach and Tori "to see the cousins ​​/ grandchildren playing. Oh just melt my heart.

Instead of keeping Zach away from his parents, it seems far more likely that the show is displaying the agricultural drama to the audience. Anyway, fans love the Roloffs and would hate to see any flaws in the family – so we all hope the drama will be resolved throughout the season.

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