Monday , October 18 2021

With our own character, we can cut it to the Elden Ring – News


At the center of the Elden Ring story, this time it will not be a predetermined protagonist, but again players will be able to decide which character to begin with.

Although the first preview was extremely mysterious this time, Hidetaka Miyazaki, leader of Elden Ring, has since talked about various aspects of the game in various interviews. Of these, recently also released one, in which the Chairman of From Software once again confirmed that his new game relies heavily on Souls games, but we can also look forward to great innovations.

The interview shows that the most striking change will probably be in the size and structure of the world compared to the Souls' games.

"Although the tight and complex dungeons of the previous games have been joined together in many places, the locations of the Elden Ring will be much larger and more open, and the mechanics of the game will be developed accordingly. combat mechanisms will be virtually inevitable. In this regard, I think the Elden Ring is the natural evolution of Dark Souls.

said Miyazaki. The more open world, however, will not change the look of a city in the From Software games, since the inhabitants of the Elden Ring settlements will resemble NPCs created earlier by the developers, although their history is likely to be slightly different with George RR Martin this time.

Similarly to NPCs, we can expect a character similar to the Dark Souls trilogy for the character of the player, as opposed to the pre-made hero of Sekiro.

"There are no fixed protagonists in the Elden Ring, relying largely on the character and personality of the character he created."

"The president said," It was not a matter of maintaining the usual level of detail in your previous games from the point of view of character generation, but we probably would not be disappointed in that area as well.

What kind of RPG do you prefer, where do you win a prefabricated protagonist, or is it better to find your own character?

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