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Watch the WWDC interview with Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak


Craig Federighi shows iOS 12 WWDC 2018

As part of WWDC last week, Apple blogger John Gruber of Daring Fireball was with top Apple executives Craig Federighi (senior vice president of software engineering) and Greg Joswiak (vice president of worldwide marketing). together. Almost 2 hours of really exciting conversation that we recommend to you.

For those who do not want to have time for this, we almost looked at the interview. Apple TOP executives have almost never seen such personal and funny things. The conversation is really a good conversation paired with interesting details about all featured Apple products.

Especially the chemistry between Federighi and Joswiak is funny. Joswiak even admonished or partially corrected his colleague. Take a look at the following scene:

Some Exciting Statements

  • Joswiak said Steve Jobs has already read Apple's rumor blogs. Especially in Apple's marketing department. In part this has led to funny stories, but generally they are not so good.
  • Federighi argues that on iPad, USB support, etc. It's been so late because you had to solve several security issues first. One must be sure that the user can not drag viruses, bad software or damaged files to his iPad, which can destroy them.
  • Gruber asked in a playful tone how much the Mac Pro would cost. The two took it very easy and said they are ingenious wheels. We should also wait for the packaging of the new Mac Pro. We would not have seen something like that.
  • There were also thefts of Federighi and Joswiak against other PC makers, who were basically too quick and unenthusiastic to approach many products. That's also why the Mac Pro with the screen just came on.
  • Swipes were also competing for smartphones, which would do much more with the vote for hardware software than Apple.
  • Incidentally, renaming iPadOS actually has a history of marketing, according to Federighi. However, it should be recognized that there are now significantly more options on an iPad than on an iPhone. You would not even call the tvOS "iOS for TV", even if it's based on iOS.
  • Federighi on the question of whether the new gestures of the iPadOS are very complicated: one would have worked on it for years and would introduce the user in the beginning as well. In addition, there are advanced user gestures. Many could still do it the old fashioned way. That would be synonymous with macOS.

You can watch the entire interview on YouTube. Worth seeing:

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