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In just over ten days, HBO will unleash the final season of The Game of Thrones – a season that we look forward to for almost two years. Like HBO The Game of Thrones Marketing efforts have intensified in recent weeks, and we have been able to read more and more interviews with the cast and crew which revealed some interesting details about the main battle scene of the season and the end of the series. And some of the stars may have inadvertently left some spoilers along the way.

But we still have no idea what will happen in Season 8, which is great news for The Game of Thrones fans looking to avoid meaningful spoilers at all costs. Fans, meanwhile, are inventing many theories about the show, and we're about to show you an incredible description of a The Game of Thrones enthusiast who thinks he has discovered Dany's fate. But before proceeding, we must warn you that potential spoilers Follow below.

When we last consulted with Daenerys, she was getting very friendly with a particular relative of her, Jon Snow, although they still have no idea that they are part of the same family. They were going north to prepare Winterfell for the next invasion, hoping the other houses would follow suit and send their armies to defend the north. Dany, of course, has two dragons left, which can be a great weapon against Night King and his gang of undead soldiers.

However, this being The Game of Thrones, a TV show where nobody is safe – well, maybe with the exception of Jon Snow – there is no guarantee that Dany will have a happy ending when the White Walkers fight is over. Redditor marisaann26 believes she has found a huge clue while re-watching the past The Game of Thrones seasons that suggest that Dany will actually change sides when all this is over:

It's all based on a vision she had in Season Two (see video above). Dany visited a devastated King's Landing during the winter, with snow falling in the throne room. As soon as she was about to reach the throne, she was dragged beyond the Wall, into the tent with Drogo and her son. She almost stays there, but she then hears the cries of her baby dragons, and she goes out to join them.

marisaann26 thinks that two parts of the vision have already become reality in season seven, and the final part of this prophecy will be proven last season:

Vision S2: Dany heading towards the throne, but is pulled beyond the wall = when, in S7, Dany would attack King's Landing and would take the throne by force, but they were told that Jon and company besides The Wall need redemption Beyond the wall.

Vision S2: Dany listening to the dragon cry = S7 the dragons crying beyond the wall after Viserion was killed by the NK.

Next season, Daenerys may choose to leave Jon Snow – and his baby – behind to stay with their dragons. If that is the case, it means both her dragons will be killed while fighting the White Walkers, and they will join the King of the Night. The only way for Dany to be with them is to switch sides and join him. A witch told her during her vision that "you will be with your dragons in winter, summer and winter again".

Redditor offered us additional clues pointing to a not-so-happy ending for Dany:

Well, in an interview with the actor who plays the NK, he said "let's learn who the night is king later" in an interview with Emily Clarke (Dany), she talks about the final season and said "he fucked me – knowing that it will be a lasting taste in someone's mouth than Daenerys is "and that Dany is doing very strange things.

I believe the Night King is after Dany to be his new queen or to take over as queen (he wants peace = death). One way or another, the two living dragons will die in battle. Disturbed by losing her dragons, Dany [will] be persuaded to join the Night King to reunite with his dragons = he receives his throne of ice.

Yes, it all sounds incredibly wild and gloomy, and Dany fans may not like this particular result. But if you're still not convinced, then you should watch the next video, posted on YouTube in early December 2017, that draws almost the same connection between Daenerys and Night King (via Cosmopolitan):

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