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Ten children with childhood cancer brought for preventive care after being exposed to measles patients – Israel News


Ten patients with childhood cancer in the hemato-oncology ward of Ichilov Hospital were exposed to measles by another patient and were called to receive emergency preventive care, emerged on Monday.

The children will receive an immunoglobulin injection on Wednesday.

The child with measles is a cancer patient from Ukraine who came to the infirmary for a consultation. Doctors noted that he had measles symptoms and a laboratory test confirmed the diagnosis.

Authorities at the Tel Aviv hospital said the child had brief contact with 10 other patients in the ward. None of them were hospitalized.

This happens a day after the Ministry of Health has decided to restrict visits to unvaccinated people against measles and deny them access to sensitive wings such as those that care for preterm infants, intensive care units and hematology where patients tend to have weakened immune systems. .

In recent months, dozens of infants, children and babies born prematurely have been called for preventive treatment after coming in contact with people with measles while in the hospital.

Also on Monday, Health Ministry officials decided not to increase the age of the first dose of the vaccine from 12 months to 9 months due to the limited effectiveness of the vaccine at that age, and due to the need to repeat the vaccine at 12 years. months for babies who are vaccinated early.

However, Health Ministry officials responsible for areas with outbreaks may still decide to call babies aged 9 to 11 months for an early vaccine. The decision was discussed with representatives of health maintenance organizations and the president of the pediatricians' union, among other experts.

Currently, the vaccine is being recommended for infants between 6 and 11 months before traveling abroad.

The Ministry of Health has decided on Sunday that additional measures are needed to contain the outbreak, and they are checking to prevent schools from having children who have not been vaccinated – which is a complicated step from a legal point of view.

Two more students, seniors in Katzrin, Golan Heights, were diagnosed with the disease, and according to reports Sunday, they studied last week with measles. The ministry contacted his parents.

Students in the first series of the Rimonim School in Ashdod received the second dose of the vaccine after a teacher reported that she had contracted the disease. Later, it emerged that the teacher has no measles.
Since the beginning of the year, 1,334 cases of measles have been reported, including one fatality, an 18-month-old girl. She was the first person to die of measles in Israel in 15 years.

In Jerusalem, the number of cases has increased, particularly in ultra-orthodox districts. The ministry has decided to expand its immunization program in the city, particularly in these more vulnerable areas. Authorities say an immunization campaign in recent weeks has raised immunity levels from only 55 percent to more than 80 percent of the population. But this is still a lower rate of immunization than in other parts of the country, and lower than the 95% immunization rate required for herd immunity, the level at which the disease is no longer being passed on.

The ministry is expanding the hours of the baby clinics and keeping them open from 8am. until 8 in the afternoon and on Fridays from 8 in the morning. Until noon. In addition, a wheeled vaccination program will continue to visit affected neighborhoods and urge residents to vaccinate.

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