Sony excited with top patent for PS5


Shortly after it became known that Sony wants to equip the PlayStation 5 with the so-called "raytracing" technique and thus set new standards in the graphics, there is now another speculation in the highly anticipated game console. This time, the Japanese feed the rumor mill itself, with a new patent application.

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Sale, transfer and exchange

Sony filed the new patent with the US Patent Office. The order number 10,238,958 could revolutionize the resale of digital games. PS5 owners should be able to resell or donate their digitally acquired games. In addition, digital games should also be changed. So they would no longer be tied to the PlayStation owner's account.

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If the successor to the PS4 allows the transfer of digital content, this would be a great victory for the players. Because they could pass on your downloaded and protected by code games. As many patents simply disappear in the corporate drawer, it is not certain that the top console actually provides the new feature.

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