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Pubisher The Arcade Crew announces today with developer Hibernian Workshop that Black DevotionA fascinating adventure in a sinister temple filled with dangerous secrets will open its sinister doors for brave warriors on May 24 – on the PC via Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle for $ 19.99 each. The challenging side-scrolling action game will also be released later for the consoles.

And because a treacherous journey awaits those seeking divine approval, the Arcade Crew has prepared a special introduction to the dark world of Black Devotion – to help players prepare for their fate and revelations. The temple exams demand flawless reflections, keen intuition and sustained determination, as the threats presented in this video are just a selection of the horrors that are to come:

The Temple of Dark Devotion, dilapidated and dilapidated, leads adventurers through a distorted environment, full of secrets, where they encounter numerous dangerous enemies sneaking into the shadows. The fight is deliberately accelerated, the flaws seem extremely effective, and each capture of rare items gives relief in this agonizing labyrinth that was repeated by the works of H.P. Lovecraft is inspired. In devotion to darkness, faith is more than just a pioneer light; is a precious resource required of an undisputed God who likes to see us struggling against his most loyal Knights Templar.

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