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Fortnite: Battle Royale begins next season. Here we summarize all the news about Season 9, including the start date, new skins, territories or elements of gameplay.

Fortnite Update 9.30: New patch after the time of inactivity

Among the most important changes and adjustments when upgrading 9.30 to Fortnite: Battle Royale includes the following:

Saufpack: After impact, this object fires liquid in a small area. All players in the radius of the area immediately receive 20 Condition / Shield.

shotgun – Drag delay

• Distance-effectiveness of fighter rifle reduced

• From now on in the safe: bow bow, twin pistols, dynamite

All others Patch notes is here to read.

Fortnite Update 9.21: Types of maintenance for new patch

With update 9.21, the news and adjustments are integrated into the game:

• Reaction Grenade Launcher: Fires arcing projectiles that explode near enemies.

• Horden Rush: New cooperative LTM for 4 players starting June 13, 2019.

• Other small changes, such as adjustments and availability of drinkers, shotgun, Storm turner, revolver or infantry revolver.

• Bug fixes on sound.

• Everything Exact Patch notes is here to read.

Fortnite Update 9.2: available for download now

The 9.20 update will be released today, 06.06.2019. The following novelties are patch available:

Dreher storm: The new cast explodes on impact and creates a spherical zone.

hunting rifle in all variants comes in the safe.

• Statistics of drone prey are reduced.

weapon tower now has 20% more time to overload.

• Maximum recharge time of Arm spear was raised.

• Limited Time Mode: swordplay.

• Small adjustments, such as sound effects and various bug fixes.

Item Fortnite: Stormwinder blocked for tournaments

The new Sturmtrher provides plenty of action in the field. Thanks to the great lightning and high duration of action, however, it brings the gameplay so confusing that the professionals reacted disrespectfully after upgrading. Shortly after the launch of Sturmdreher, it was therefore already withdrawn temporarily by the developers of the cash boxes of competitive competitions.

Fortnite Update 9.1 and new online event now

As Season 9 begins, there is a first major content update. The most important and Patch notes at a glance

foci: points randomly selected as they bring more loot and greater chance of stock deliveries.

Changing Limited Time Mode: Battle of Sniper (Duos), Out of the Chest (Times), Close Up (Times)

shadow bombs

• semi-automatic sniper rifle

• Rare fighter rifle

• Fortnite Event: LTM City Chaos of Jordan and Hang Time Set.

Fortnite offline: Inactive server for update and maintenance

• Around 10:00 am German time, Fortnite servers are switched off.

• Epic has already chirp known time of inactivity today will take longer than usual.

Fortnite Season 9: All Changes Through Upgrade 9.0

Epic Games is still busy with the Season 9 update, but has already Patch notes published. The following new features are waiting Fortnite Season 9 Players:

wind tunnels: A new transport system to get from A to B quickly.

• New locations: Neo inclined and Mega Hall.

New Battle Pass for Season 9

bytes Fort: A total of 100 computer chips can be collected to unlock a mysterious image.

Removed and new items: Many items have been removed from the game, such as grenades, buried treasure, poisonous darts or balloons. The new addition, however, is the fighter rifle, as well as the classic grenades.

fans: Promote players over short distances and offer immunity to victims.

Changing Limited Time Mode: Trios, pure gold or a shot.

Damage to Leave: Disconnected players remain in the world for another 60 seconds. They continue to receive damage and count towards the elimination points.

In addition, various optimizations have been made, for example, regarding sound, performance, user interface, or playback on mobile devices.

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When does it start Fortnite Season 9?

Meanwhile, the start date of season 9 is fixed: Am Thursday, May 9, 2019 So the new season begins. At this point, the previous Season 8 also ended.

Fortnite Season 9: When are the servers inactive?

Because the update will be updated on Thursday, a short downtime can be expected before new content becomes available. When exactly Fortnite: Battle Royale goes offline, it is expected that Epic Games will still communicate. As expected, the update takes place between 10 and 11 hours.

Meanwhile, Epic Games has the downtime via chirp posted:

Fortnite: Battle Royals: trailer for the 9th season

A current one trailer The new season of Fortnite does not yet exist. This is expected to launch on May 9, 2019. Once available, you'll find the Fortnite trailer here. O trailer the last season 8 had the following highlights:

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New Battle Pass for Fortnite Season 9

Like every new season, Season 9 has a new battle pass. This is usually a ticket divided into 100 levels. The Battle Pass will unlock more than 100 cosmetic settings throughout the season, including skins, sprays, emotes, paint jobs, gliders, and harvesting tools.

The new battle pass offers:

How much is the battle for Season 9?

It regularly costs the Battle Pass 950 V-Bucks, which is about 9.50 euros. If you want to unlock some levels directly, pay 2,400 V-Bucks. Otherwise, the cost of additional rollouts per level every 150 V-Bucks, then 1.50 €. Overall, the pass will again have 100 levels. If you want to win everything, you have to plan about 75 to 150 hours of play.

Buying the battle pass also unlocks all weekly challenges. In addition, there are numerous cosmetic and practical additions to unlock: including skins, V-Bucks, pets, paint, emoticons.

Map Fornite in Season 9: Things are changing on the island

Just before the start of the ninth season there was Fortnite Island a loud bang. The volcano erupted and destroyed some areas. This includes the popular area "inclined Torres. "The volcanic eruption was initiated by an extensive event in the game: First, a huge bunker factory appeared sake Rake, which has been activated by mysterious runes over time. Eventually, an open safe containing forbidden items that could be recovered. The choice of a large part of the community fell into the drum pistol.

Only then did the volcanic eruption begin, in which both inclined Towers and Retail Row were destroyed. The iceberg at Polar Peak was also affected. However, it is quite conceivable that areas still full of lava will soon give way to entirely new areas and topics. More information will follow.

Fortnite Season 9: First trailer published

Epic Games recently released the first with the words "The future is unknown" Teaser to the new Fortnite Season. Does the spell mean that this time maybe a futuristic scenario?

Fortnite Season 9: Second trailer published

The second teaser of Fortnite for Season 9 contains the phrase "The future is bright." Apparently, all are published Teaser together they make a word – so far it concerns the letters "N" and "E". Conceivable would be words like "NEW" or "NEO".

Fortnite Season 9: Third Teaser published

Now it's clear: the three Teaser give the word "NEO". The third Teaser also contains the phrase "The future is in inclined"This could be the only area destroyed"inclined Torres "who can play a central role in the new season.

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