Samsung's foldable phone threatens false start of capital


Samsung's foldable phone threatens false start of capital

SEOUL / NEW YORK. Testers report malfunction of the screen – review announced by the manufacturer.

Samsung's foldable phone threatens false start of capital

Galaxy Fold: Ready for the market? (RTS). Image: REUTERS

Shortly before its launch next week, the Samsung Foldable Galaxy Fold Smartphone has encountered technical problems. Some journalists who had the cell phone to test reported defects on the screen. "We will thoroughly investigate these devices to determine the cause," Samsung said in a statement.

Galaxy Fold is the first Samsung smartphone with the new 5G mobile technology and is scheduled to be released April 26 in the US. The price is around 2000 dollars (about 1770 euros). The centerpiece is the foldable inner screen of 7.3 inches. There is a smaller display on the outside. A hinge between the two parts of the device makes it possible to use the Fold as a classic smartphone with an external monitor or unfolded as a large 4.2: 3 tablet with up to three application windows simultaneously open. In total, six cameras are installed. The chipset also allows for use in future 5G networks.

Analysts are of the opinion that breakdowns of the first batch of a test model are not surprising. The retractable phone can also be less durable. "The collapse is more difficult than the unfolding because it puts more pressure on the screens," said one tester.

The technical problems with the Galaxy Fold allowed the South Koreans to remember the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone disaster in 2016. At that time, Apple's rival after the fires had to first remove 2.5 million models and then take the smartphone completely from the market. That cost the South Korean company several billion dollars in profits.

Although Samsung is the first manufacturer to show a serial device, the competitor Huawei is not far behind. The foldable Huawei Mate X should appear in the summer – and with 2300 euros even more expensive.

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