Racing Games Package by Fanatical


Fanatical has created a new racing game package. The package includes 14 racing games and users who want to pay only $ 3.

Fanatical sometimes manages to win the hearts of players at serious rebates. Adding a new one to its huge discounts, Fanatical has now announced a new discount package for racing games. This package includes 14 different racing games for just 17 TL. Here are the new Fanatical campaign games;

Insane 2 (24 TL)

This is the most expensive game in the Fanatical package with different track options. You are trying to be the first on difficult tracks with custom vehicles.

Table Run: World Tour (23 TL)

Table Top Racing: World Tour is one of the games that Fanatical has added to this package. You are trying to be the first in the race, modifying the vehicles as you wish. When you want to buy this game on Steam, you can only run for 20 different tracks, you only have to pay 23 TL for this game and the price of Fanatical is a little more affordable.

Riff Racer – Race Your Music! (US $ 18.50)

Perhaps the most striking feature of this game is that you can add your own music by creating your own track. The other players compete in their track with their songs and try to be the first.

Legends of the GT (15 TL)

The GT Legends game, released in 2005, where you can compete on the tracks with older cars, is also included in this package. We especially recommend that our followers interested in cars produced in the 60s and 70s review this game.

GTR Evolution Expansion Pack for RACE 07 (15 TL)

Similar to the previous game, GTR Evolution is another member of the pack. You have to prove that you are the best on the track by choosing different cars.

Vangers (13 TL)

We can say that this is the package game that can be called, whether it happens or not. This game, which was first released in 1998, has a screen resolution of 800 x 600, although it is slightly improved with the Steam version.

Zero gear ($ 10.50)

One of the fun games in the package is Zero Gear. It is also the 2010 version of the Rocket League. You can also play soccer if you want to compete in this game.

Race.a.bit ($ 18)

One of Paker's retro games is Race.a.bit. The soundtracks and the looks of this game lead everyone to childhood. At every point of the game you can see traces of the arcades of the years.

Mashed (2 TL at the moment, discounted price 10 TL)

We all know the famous Activision game, Blur. Thanks to the special skills we collect on the racetracks, we gain speed and strive to blow up our competitors' cars. The only thing we can say to Mahsed is that he was Blur's ancestor.

RACE – The WTCC Game (59 TL)

Another member of the pack is RACE: The WTCC Game. The game is not currently sold on Steam as a single package. This package includes RACE: The WTCC Game and 10 TL worth Race: Caterham Expansion.

Little Racers STREET (11 TL)

Little Racers Street, a game that can be enjoyed by fans of street racing, is also included in the Fanatical package.


The Great Borderlands Steam campaign reduces the price from 480 TL to 12 TL


Destroy race cars in this game. Instead, you drive a paper plane and try to overcome obstacles.

Mini Motor Racing EVO (10 TL)

This game with cute graphics is also included in the package. You are trying to beat your opponents on different tracks.

Drift Streets Japan (4,20 TL)

With Drift Streets Japan, the latest product in the package, you're struggling to become the best drift rider on the streets of Japan.

If you want to buy this fanatical package, you must go to the link here and complete the purchase.


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