Peter Andre goes out with Michael Jackson's family after leaving cameo Neverland


Peter Andre spent time with Michael Jackson's family a few days after supporting the King of Pop amid a string of new and shocking allegations of sexual abuse.

Pete, who is currently in the United States to work, spent the night with the nephews of Michael, Taj and TJ Jackson – the children of Tito Jackson – and thanked him for his hospitality in Los Angeles with a post on Instagram.

"Thank you @tajjackson for having us at your house last night and dinner. You and your wife and brother @ tjjackson9 have made me and @ mrmichaelandre1 feel so welcome, brothers for life," he wrote.

Peter and his brother left with Taj and TJ Jackson in LA

This comes after Pete defended his "friend" after the jaw-dropping claims made by James Safechuck and Wade Robson in the Leaving Neverland documentary.

Pete – who, in fact, makes a special appearance in the two pairs – has decided not to watch, because he still expects Jackson to be innocent.

He wrote in his new! column of the magazine: "I chose not to watch the movie. Eventually, but it will be very uncomfortable and the thought that something is true will break my heart."

He added: "We can not and should not ignore the voices of any victim, but what if he did not do it?

Pete made a special guest appearance in the Leaving Neverland documentary as he was part of a dance competition as a child that Wade Robson won

"For me, that's where the problem is. Should not we wait for some kind of evidence?"

However, in his previous column for the magazine, Peter reminded readers that Michael was acquitted of any irregularity when faced with allegations of sexual abuse in 2005.

"First, what I'm going to say is that we have to rely on the judicial system and we must not forget that he was acquitted of not only one but all allegations of child sexual abuse during his 2005 trial," he wrote.

The singer went on to say that if Jackson ever proved guilty, "it's absolutely terrible."

Pete admitted he chose not to watch Leaving Neverland

And, in a live interview on Good Morning Britain on March 12, Pete said the charges against Jackson were damaging to his family.

"I was there that day when Wade won [the dance contest]"he confirmed. I did not know until years later that Wade was the boy who had won that.

"The way I stand by is that if it's true, if it's true, then it's the worst thing that could happen and the victims should definitely have a voice, there's no doubt about it.

Jackson was charged with molesting and raping Wade and James when they were boys

"The problem is that if you look the other way and say it's not true, it's hurting your family, your siblings, your mother, your children, your legacy."

Peter said that Jackson's legacy is "tarnished" now whether the allegations against him are proven or not.

"The problem is that we do not know 100% what happened and there is some kind of confidence that you have to have in the judicial system and that is my opinion.

"If it's true, I'll be utterly devastated."

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