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In Sturmzeichen, a new mission with high replay value, Tracer, Genji, Winston and Mercy travel to Cuba to avoid a storm and capture Omon Maximilien, a Talon chief, over time inexorably. Live since last night.

In addition, during the Overwatch Archive event, the Insurrection and Retribution missions also offer players the opportunity to delve into the main moments of Overwatch history. In addition, players can earn over 160 cosmetic extras!

The Overwatch file is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 through May 6.

Free days are back

Overwatch Free Days are available again until April 23. Players gain access to the entire squad of 30 heroes, including the recently announced field medic Baptiste. Players can explore and experience what Overwatch has to offer on 27 maps in various game modes such as Quick Search, Custom Games and Arcade.

In addition, players can upgrade levels, collect lootboxes, and unlock various customization options for their heroes during their free days. If the game is later purchased for the same blizzard or console account that was used during the free days, all progress of the game will be maintained.

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