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NEW YORK, October 26, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Open Road Integrated Media (OR / M) today announced the restructuring of its marketing and business operations teams. These changes underscore the company’s focus on innovation, efficiency, scalability and technology and data as the driving forces behind its Marketing as a Service (MaaS) initiatives, which contributed to a 40% increase in revenue year on year in 2020.

With a proprietary marketing platform, technology, data and marketing teams are working to increase sales by more than 30,000 titles they currently sell. The R / M is looking to expand this effort to the rest of the publication – a $ 26 billion industry.

“The marketing team supported by our state-of-the-art technology / data operations is driving disproportionate growth for our more than 40 customers; often, revenue increases of more than 200%,” he said. Paul Slavin, CEO. “The team focuses on efficiency, impact and innovation.”

Mary McAveney will add the Revenue Director to its Marketing Director Occupation. This is an acknowledgment of its essential role in driving all forms of revenue growth. “Mary has built a unique marketing team, a unique marketing engine in the industry,” said Slavin. “With your understanding of the subtleties of our consumers, your understanding of the role of data and your determination, we will continue to grow in the future.”

Daniel Shemesh will add Chief Operating Officer to his role as Chief Financial Officer. “Its growth in recent years has been phenomenal,” said Slavin. “His understanding of strategy combined with his appreciation (and tolerance) of details makes him a franchise player. Nothing goes unnoticed, nothing stops him from asking ‘why’, nothing will stop him from insisting that we can always do better.”

Sarah Janet: VP, Business Analysis and Growth, will organize and refine our overall marketing and business efforts. Sarah will work with all business and creative teams on development and optimization to improve Open Road’s position in the market. “Sarah’s work at the company touched all the teams and her excellent intelligence, strong data analysis and ability to assess financial risks and opportunities are super assets for our business,” said McAveney.

Frida Lin: Manager: Business Analysis and Growth will work on the analysis and identification of areas of opportunity and business efficiency. Frida spent the past year working on public perceptions and using data to improve the subscriber experience of our newsletter. Frida’s analytical skills, her eye for automation and her knowledge of the company’s various business units will generate even more scale and efficiency in our business.

In practical terms, this means that the business growth and analytics team will address all strategies related to revenue, marketing services, operations and tasks and analytical initiatives.

Paroan Surangkanarom: Director, Marketing Analysis will assume the key role of head of marketing analysis, generating revenue for ORM titles and Ignition customers.

Kate Phelan: Director of Content Strategy – Audience Insights will manage audience development and monetization for our brand funnel sites. Kate has doggedly attacked content operations for the past year and will continue to take care of programmatic advertising, affiliate growth, organic subscriber acquisition, website analytics and providing the best consumer input experience through data and testing.

Virginia Crooks: Associate Manager, Audience Insights will join the newsletter team that works to add value through contextual marketing directly to the consumer and to improve the consumer experience using public perceptions, behaviors and preferences.

Mackenzie Stuart: Associate editor has provided stellar contributions to the content team and will now focus its editorial efforts on the content sites and our book offer newsletter campaigns, which are essential to the growth and success of the content team. It will have a broader editorial role, managing the Archive website more directly.

About Open Road Integrated Media
Open Road Integrated Media OR / M is a powerful technology / data driven marketing as a service (MaaS) business. Using state of the art, proprietary technology / data analysis or staff performs essential services for our more than 40 customers, helping them discover their products with highly scalable ‘box’ solutions. These long-term businesses provide extraordinary growth for our partners and allow us to improve a small part of $ 26 billion dollars industry.

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