MARY MARVEL, from SHAZAM !, says she has a five-film deal


Michelle Borth
Credit: Kathy Hutchins /

Michelle Borth got her role as an adult turned into Mary Bromfield in Shazam! (based on the comic book Mary Marvel, despite her heroic identity not being cited in the film) after taking a test with tape without knowing what the role would be – an audition she claims to have made a five-movie film.

"I had never gotten a part in a recorded audition, much less a five-film contract with Warner Bros. of a tape audition, "Borth said. Stop while discussing his unorthodox listening process. "You always have to go through a really long process.There is a struggle to get there, so it was a really amazing time.That's all I can say.It was one of those truly magical moments of" Oh my God.You I hear about it sometimes, from time to time, it happens, "and that was mine. I did a great dance, an interpretive dance, and I had a lot of fun with it, and then I forgot, and that was it. "

An actor who signs a five-film contract for a potential franchise role is not uncommon – especially in superhero movies. It is not necessarily an indication that Borth will appear as Mary Marvel (or whatever the name of her DC movie) in five films – albeit with one Shazam! sequel supposedly being written and by Dwayne Johnson Black Adam spin-off in works, is also not impossible.


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