Kush Kazemi of EastEnders confronts Bex Fowler about his secret in new photos


EastEnders"Bex Fowler will be confronted by his friend Kush Kazemi in scenes that will air next week."

Viewers watched Bex start using ADHD medications to cope with the pressures of school and exams as well as parents who want her to get a place in a good university.

After meeting a girl named Ellie who tells Bex that she takes her brother's ADHD medication to help her stay awake to review, Bex ended up ordering some pills online.



When the pills arrived, and after not getting the results she wanted in a practical test, Bex chose to go out at night after receiving money from Martin.

After combining the pills with alcohol, Bex decided to join Callum and Whitney on the E20, but on the way she met Kush, who could see she was chattering her words.

When Kush decided to go check Bex, she offered to buy him a drink, but when she went to pay he saw the pills come out of the bag.



In the episode on Monday (April 22), Kush will confront Bex over the pills. But instead of telling the truth, Bex says he plans to sell the pills to make money.

Kush is furious, but after believing he got to her, Bex begs him not to tell his parents. Later, Kush will go to The Vic, where he buys a drink for Kat, in need of advice.

Will Kush decides to keep Bex's secret, or tell Martin and Sonia what she's been up to?



EastEnders continues on Monday (April 22) at 8:00 pm on BBC One.

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